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17 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Company

What Business Owners Should Look for When Choosing a Web Design Company The right web design company can make or break your internet marketing efforts. As a business owner who wants to grow your company, gain new customers and increase your bottom line, having an attractive, informative and easy-to-read website is the key to success.…
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How To Respond to Google Reviews

Responding to Google Reviews as a Small Business For any small business in the twenty-first century, Google’s user generated reviews are just as important to driving customers into your doors as a good product is. In the day and age of internet verification, a batch of quality Google reviews can go a long way in…

B2C vs B2B Pay Per Click Advertising

B2C vs B2B Pay Per Click Advertising Although paid search advertising is used more in a business to consumer market, we have seen positive increases from business to business PPC efforts. B2B PPC ads engage the target customer throughout the buying cycle and help your enterprise dominate search engine results pages for top search queries…

What is Average Pricing for Professional Email Marketing Services?

What is Average Pricing for Professional Email Marketing Services? Email marketing services pricing can be one of the most affordable Internet marketing strategies out there. You might realize that hiring a professional email marketing agency makes sense, but now you have to try and figure out how much you need to budget. The first thing…
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Using Proper Image Sizes For Digital Marketing Success

Using Proper Image Sizes For Digital Marketing Success These days, when it comes to driving traffic to your business pages through Google or any social media platform, even the smallest details can make a difference. Did you know that even the images you choose must meet certain criteria in order to be effective in the…
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Which Digital Marketing Channels Are Best?

Which Digital Marketing Channels Are Worth Focusing On? Quarter after quarter, business owners and CEOs dive into their business plans to see how they can improve their ROI and bottom-line. Digital marketing continues to gain momentum and change the way companies do business. For this reason, it’s critical to know what your company should do…
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B2C vs B2B SEO for Digital Marketing

B2B SEO Strategy vs B2C SEO Strategy From target audiences to keyword strategy, there are some major differences that should be considered when discussing Business to Consumer (B2C) versus Business to Business (B2B) search engine marketing. If your organization is looking to explore these distinctions, increase the ROI of current digital marketing efforts, and better…
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Digital Marketing Agency versus Traditional Advertising Agency: What’s the Difference?

Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Advertising Agency Every business or brand has the same objective when it comes to advertising which is to reach as many potential customers as possible. Business owners turn to digital marketing agencies and advertising agencies for marketing services such as lead generation, increasing sales, and developing on-brand messaging. Communicating with potential…

Domain Listing Scams and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to domain listings, many small businesses try to keep it simple. Registering a domain and then renewing it every year to keep it active are typically all it takes to keep your domain listings in tip top shape. Unfortunately, some shady companies have started to take advantage of this relatively straightforward process by…