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One of the best marketing investments you can make is in your digital marketing efforts with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Put simply, SEO is the process of getting your website to rank as high as possible whenever someone performs a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for relevant terms or keywords. We call these search results “natural” or “organic” because they’re based on pure search results. With a smart SEO services strategy, you can drive more website visitors to your site.

As one of the top search engine optimization companies, Get YOU Found takes a multi-faceted approach to SEO. Our SEO experts integrate multiple strategies, including keyword-rich content creation, well-structured backend web development, and engaging social media tactics to increase the visibility of your company’s website, increase click-throughs, and improve lead generation efforts.


Search engines rank websites based on what they consider to be the most relevant and valuable to users from high-quality websites. To improve your rank, we look at all aspects of web performance from site speed to the terms and phrases, or keywords, which generate the best traffic. We also use those keywords in educational blog posts, articles, and other content for your website. Additionally, we build links with other sites to promote the value and create informative, relevant title tags and meta descriptions. Our optimization process can drive targeted viewers to your website, boosting your visibility and ultimately, your revenues. Getting the right traffic helps boost all of the site metrics that Google considers when ranking your website.


Research shows that 95 percent of all web traffic is equated to organic searches. Search engines are unique in that they provide what we call “targeted traffic” — people who are already looking for what you have to offer by searching through results that surface organically. For this reason, SEO services offer a tremendous return on your marketing dollars. SEO is much more effective than outbound marketing strategies such as cold-calling because a much higher percentage of the potential clients you reach will actually be looking to make a purchase or commission your services. In addition, SEO provides trackable, quantifiable results, such as rankings, new-user traffic, bounce rate, average time on page, and conversion rates.


Most businesses will benefit from hiring a quality SEO firm to manage the day-to-day activities associated with organic search. From the largest, most successful companies to local start-ups, any business that isn’t using search engine optimization is automatically giving a big advantage to their competitors. By hiring SEO experts, preferably those located in the same country as your business, to handle your SEO needs, you can increase your click-through rate and effectively drive the right potential customers to your website. We can pinpoint where your current SEO strategy is succeeding and where improvement is needed to maximize your results — and your revenue.

If your business is looking for the right SEO agency to partner with consider Get YOU Found. We are a five-star rated agency Our track record for improving website performance to drive relevant traffic has been established over the ten-plus years we have been in business. Contact Get YOU Found today to meet the SEO services professionals your company wants to work with so you can thrive in the digital environment.

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  • They have been handling our account for little over a month and we've already seen more results then our last SEO company's whole last year with us.  Great company to work with!
  • "This team of exceptional digital marketing professionals is a real pleasure to work with. Their SEO work is 'killer" and has put us on page one for years. They completely redesigned our web site for a much more contemporary look and they are now hosting it for us so it is monitored and updated. Outstanding strategic thinking whether it's automated email campaigns, blog content or overall messaging. A real partner in our success!"
  • "Get You Found has proven to be our best strategic partner. They are responsive to client needs, their work is exemplary and they work with us to get the results we desire and expect. Their team of talented professionals never disappoint."
  • " Get You Found Online Marketing created a new website for both our company and my own personal site this year. We have had a significant increase in traffic and customer leads as a result of this upgrade. Innovative designs along with built in lead generation systems have added a boost to our business this year. They also design and monitor our Google Adwords account along with promoting our organic search engine ranking. Great all in one company for any business who plans to have a presence on the internet."
  • “Working with Get You Found has made the complicated world of websites, SEO, and internet marketing more navigable and easier to include as part of an overall marketing plan for our business.  They listened to our needs and asked the right questions to understand our business. We continue to get compliments on the websites that Get You Found created for us.  Great team to work with!”
  • "Get You Found has a team of talented people who possess a wealth of SEO knowledge and insight. They were very helpful as we performed an SEO boost on our recently re-launched website."



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