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If you’re anything like the average American consumer, you probably receive numerous marketing emails from your favorite brands, companies, and organizations daily. You probably notice quite a difference in the quality of these messages, which may motivate you to take different actions accordingly.

The degree of personalization of the email subject line or an email design you send your contact list subscribers may impact your click-through and conversion rates. Additionally, how customizable or dynamic the content is, meaning how well you can personalize messaging whereby it adjusts to user preferences, behaviors, and interests, also matters. The quality of your content, including your image choices and their load times or optimized copywriting, along with call to action (CTA) statements, can all affect how actionable your email campaigns are and, thus, whether your emails stand out enough to get them to open it and, thus affecting its open rate and conversion rate data. 

While some organizations or brands will analyze email marketing campaign metric data for insight into their customers and what most appeals to them, doing so takes time. Knowing how to respond to findings can be even more challenging -- especially when you’re a small to medium-sized business owner busy managing other aspects of your business. That’s where it can be helpful to have email marketing professionals like ours at Get YOU Found Digital Marketing handling the full range of your email marketing solutions. 

Services our North Carolina-based email marketing company offers include devising your email marketing strategy, creating email templates, sending emails through an email marketing service provider on your behalf, and serving as your campaign monitor, whereby we keep a watchful eye on your reporting tools. We take the customer data gained about messages clicked on, bounced, and other customer actions, integrating that data-driven insight to refine existing email marketing strategies to ensure your email marketing solutions continue to have the desired impact. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of email marketing services Get YOU Found offers.

Work With Email Marketing Experts to Grow Your Business

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

The email blasts that companies send their clients have the potential of keeping their brand connected with their customers or clients in between purchases or engagements, whether it’s to: 

  • Share additional information about the brand story via email newsletters
  • Poll consumers about their preferences 
  • Inform customers or clients about new products or services
  • Increase awareness of special promotions
  • Distribute loyalty rewards  

Email marketing efforts can add so much value no matter where your subscribers are in the customer life cycle, resulting in increased brand recognition or overall perception of your company, giving you an edge over your competitors. Email marketing can also drive sales conversions by allowing you to nurture leads, build loyalty, and enhance engagement, all of which can lead to progression through the sales funnel and, thus, increased revenue generation. 

Challenges Companies Face When Handling Their Own Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing can be valuable to businesses on multiple levels. However, many companies don’t invest adequate time into building their subscriber email list with existing contacts in their customer relationship management (CRM), nor do they have a sign up form on their websites to allow customers to join their email lists. Even if they do have a tool that allows them to create email marketing lists, companies may not have an effective strategy in place for using that valuable data. Our Get YOU Found email marketing team can help you in coming up with a plan for this customer data.

Companies also rush into selecting an email marketing provider because they think it will help them avoid having their messages classified as spam without considering that there’s more to getting an eCommerce customer to take the desired action, like opening, clicking on something, and making a purchase. 

This oversimplification of email marketing best practices often leads to underwhelming campaign results. When it comes to email marketing best practices, business owners don’t often do the following, leading them to mistakenly conclude that an email marketing solution isn’t something worthwhile investing in when it really is: 

  • Planning email marketing campaigns
  • Taking time with content ideation and optimization (SEO)
  • Segmenting recipients
  • Tracking campaign success, like the return on investment (ROI)
  • Use data to make future email campaign improvements

Failing to be strategic in planning email marketing campaigns by, for example, conducting A/B testing (split testing) of subject lines, calls to action (CTAs), and even email template design schemes and content can be detrimental to the success of email marketing programs. Companies also fail to incorporate insight gained from email marketing tools, such as click-through rates (CTR), when planning for future email marketing campaigns. 

These failures to understand the best email marketing strategies often lead companies to give up on these outreach efforts because they don’t want to participate in the steep learning curve that often comes with learning how to harness data. This is where allowing our professional email marketing team at Get YOU Found Digital Marketing can be of service to you as you embark upon launching an automated campaign. 

Added Advantages Associated With Email Marketing

As hinted above, another great benefit associated with email marketing is that your company can automate correspondence with clients and customers, and such communication can be triggered when your prospects or consumers take certain actions. Triggers may lead to the remittance of autoresponders or consist of targeted email marketing sent via drip campaigns. This degree of automation can free you and your company's staff up to work on more pressing matters.

Email Marketing Services Our Get YOU Found Team Offers

Many companies that want to step up their email marketing efforts mistakingly assume that they need only to come up with content to share with a list of recipients. However, there's far more to email marketing than that. This understanding has led our Get YOU Found Digital Marketing team to devise the following listing of just some of the many email marketing services that we offer here:

  • Email marketing platform migration
  • Email address list building tactics
  • Email marketing campaign strategy
  • Email marketing campaign management
  • Email marketing performance analysis and ongoing optimization 
  • Template design
  • Email marketing automation setup
  • List segmentation along with predictive analysis

If you don’t see an email marketing strategy listed that you’re looking for, let us know. It’s likely that our Get YOU Found email marketing team can also assist you with it.

Why Hire Our Digital Marketing Company, Get YOU Found

The main goal of an email marketing campaign is to keep your customers engaged with your company. As much as you love your business, the average email reader has very little interest in reading anything but the most relevant information you have to offer. 

That’s why your best bet for an effective email marketing campaign is to hire a professional digital marketing company — one with experienced, skilled content writers who can write powerful, engaging email copy and expert web analysts who can evaluate exactly what your customers are reading. Businesses that hire professional email marketing companies see better results much more quickly than those that don’t.

Our digital marketing professionals are all about helping build and grow companies using digital marketing tools. We’re confident in our ability to help you grow your business too. Reach out to us at Get YOU Found Digital Marketing in Greensboro, NC  to discuss your needs so that we can get started helping to increase your brand’s visibility and, thus, your sales revenue today.

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