Average Cost of Professional Email Marketing Services

Professional email marketing services may be one of the most affordable internet marketing strategies available. Hiring a professional email marketing agency makes sense, but is it worth the price? Your budget will dictate some of the marketing options you have. However, to determine how much to budget, you need to understand what you get. While professional email marketing services cost more than doing it yourself, the cost of doing it wrong can be devastating. To ensure you get the most out of your email marketing campaign, we have some guidelines to help.

Email marketing service prices vary greatly and depend on many factors. Some of the factors include your business's industry, location, and email marketing goals. You also need to know what you want out of your email marketing plan. Some options email marketing can offer include:

  • Monthly emails or newsletters
  • Weekly email blasts
  • Welcome emails
  • Email series for your sales campaign
  • Modern email marketing software titles like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or HubSpot
  • Audience engagement

These all factor into the cost of email marketing. Ready to see the difference professional email marketing services can make? Get YOU Found™ is here to help.


The Benefits of Hiring Professional Email Marketing Services

When you hire a professional email marketing company, you get all the benefits that come with it. You get the benefits of their years of email marketing experience. To start, your business needs a strategic consulting session to narrow down who to target and their habits. That allows your emails to arrive when most of your audience is actively checking their email.

You also get to dive deeper into the process with a professional email marketing provider. Your business gets audience targeting, professional content writing, copy editing and proofreading, professionally licensed images, and a complete strategy for each audience type you want to target. These steps improve the quality of email you send. Plus, they boost the chances of the email being opened, and its potential interaction.

When hiring an email marketing professional, you also get the reports showing the success of their marketing services. These reports track the open rates of your emails, along with the statistics of how many people engaged with your email. You can also find out their type of engagement, such as sharing the email or clicking through to the website. These reports tell you a lot about your audience while providing valuable information for your company.


The Elephant in the Room – What About Cheap Email Marketing Services?

If you want your email marketing campaign to work, you want to avoid cheap email marketing services. The saying is, you get what you pay for. When it comes to email marketing, that saying is absolutely true. Cheap email marketing companies often overlook important details, use non-native English-speaking writers, and typically do not use email marketing software or email marketing tools to their fullest extent. However, that does not touch on one of the biggest dangers your business may face. If you do not seek a professional email marketing agency, your emails could all turn up as spam. Every single email you send and your entire investment is useless at that point. No one will read your email, and they will miss out on getting to know your company, products, and services.

Beyond the spam dangers of cheap marketing services, you also have the long-term damage that could come from this tactic. If your business gets known for spam emails, it could damage your reputation. Reputation damage is difficult and expensive to correct. Your business may also fall in terms of search engine ranking. Instead of trying to save a little money, look at the short and long-term benefits of professional email marketing. The best email marketing services have years of experience to justify their pricing. Hiring an experienced email marketing company gives businesses a much greater chance of success, meaning the investment is likely to have a better ROI.


What to Expect from a Top Email Marketing Agency

Hiring a top email marketing agency provides protections that you may otherwise not have. Your goal is to have a strong ROI for your email marketing campaigns. That means you need to look for an email marketing agency that offers the following options:

  • Pre-campaign strategic consultation
  • Expert content writing for emails
  • Copy editing and proofing of each email
  • Adding properly licensed images
  • Custom graphic design for email templates
  • Coding emails into HTML so they appear correctly for all clients
  • Testing deliverability to all major ISP's
  • Sending the email using an optimized server/IP address
  • Post-launch analytics reports showing opening and click-through rates
  • Ongoing recommendations for future campaigns


Email Marketing Service Pricing

As we mentioned, the breakdown of email marketing service pricing differs, so consider this a general guide. However, it does give you an idea of the email marketing service prices you can expect.


Hourly Email Marketing Services Range from $80-$200 an Hour

Some one-time email services are small enough that you can pay for them based on an hourly rather than monthly basis. Hourly projects may include an initial consultation, evaluation of an existing email campaign, or composing a welcome letter.


Inexpensive Email Marketing Services Are Typically Under $300 per Month

If you find an email marketing company that charges very little for its services, be careful. While they may seem in line with your budget dreams, these companies may be non-US based, entirely computer-generated (using a fill-in-the-blank type form for emails instead of creating customized messages), or simply new and inexperienced start-ups. In all these cases, you are unlikely to see much return on your investment. However, if your company's email marketing campaign is minimal or you luck into a talented start-up group, you may be able to benefit from this type of service. If you decide to try it and don't have success or see solid analytics data from the company, you should probably consider a more experienced US email marketing company.


Affordable Email Marketing Services Range from $300-$500 per Month

While this may seem like low-end pricing, several smaller campaigns, like a monthly newsletter, could start at this level. These services tend to work best for a small business operating in a narrow geographical area servicing a limited number of customers. Generally, most companies start small with email marketing and then increase their budget once they see the impressive return on investment a successful email campaign can produce.


Full-Scale Email Marketing Services Range from $1000-$5000 per Month

When your business needs a B2B email marketing company to create a full email campaign for your business, pricing should begin at this level. You can expect to choose from a full range of email marketing services in this price range. Each service should come from an experienced team of content writers, web analytics experts, internet marketers, and account managers who work together to help you to reach your company's goals.


High-End Professional Email Marketing Services Are $5,000 per Month and Up

Companies requiring this level of modern email marketing services are generally national companies with ambitious goals, such as creating individually targeted emails using market segmentation software. Typically, this pricing offers a senior email marketing team and a large marketing company with many years of proven success in your industry.


Turn to Get YOU Found for Professional Email Marketing Services That Help Grow Your Business

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