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Grow with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tailored to Your Business Goals

What is Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, specifically Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords), has become an essential part of every business’s digital marketing arsenal. By hiring a PPC agency, you position your brand in front of thousands of people who are actively searching for your product or service on some of the web’s foremost channels.

PPC advertising places your ads in an auction to bid for the top position on a Google search results page (outside of the organic SEO content). Google Ads and Bing Ads greatly increase exposure for your business and deliver valuable data insights.

Inside Our PPC Agency & Paid Search Process

As a paid advertising agency that’s been running successful PPC marketing campaigns for almost as long as pay-per-click management has been around, we know a thing or two about getting your brand some serious exposure on the web’s biggest search engines.

To us, it’s all about the details. We start smart, identifying keywords that both fit your industry and the target market you’d like to reach. Part of this keyword research includes building out a customer acquisition framework to better understand your ideal customer and gauge the point at which they will be most likely to convert. We work to connect with your target audience segments and attract more potential customers to your brand.

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As a certified Google Partner, we’re adept and knowledgeable about the way Google’s algorithms crawl a website and its landing pages. We employ conversion optimization strategies to make sure the customers you want to target are the customers who make it to your pages.

Unlike some search engine marketing or paid search advertising agencies, we focus on more than just spending your daily budget. Instead, we utilize audience targeting metrics and paid search best practices to optimize your ad spend budget and conversion rates as efficiently as possible.



Our Greensboro PPC agency experts manage the ins and outs of your pay-per-click ads, including the creation of a Google Ads account and campaign set-up, thorough keyword research copywriting, and landing page creation.

We are very transparent in the execution of your campaign, and provide monthly reporting so you know exactly how your ad dollars are being spent – be they on CPC or another ad model. We believe paid search ads can be very profitable for virtually any business, but only when combined with high quality PPC management services from a marketing agency that cares.

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Get YOU Found offers many types of ad management, the most common being text search, tailored to your business goals and reaching more potential customers. Our team of PPC experts have experience with both Google Ads and Bing Ads, and know how to take advantage of multiple search engines. Facebook Ads reach your target customers while they’re spending time online and engaging in social media.




By pairing images with text, we use display ads to get your products in front of consumers while building brand awareness. Get YOU Found even takes care of your shopping ads by strategically positioning your merchandise before shoppers who are already browsing for what you carry. We understand the importance of integrating multiple PPC methods to get the most value for your budget.

Our PPC agency in Greensboro takes a strategic approach when optimizing your search marketing campaigns. We customize our services to tailor each client’s specific business marketing goals and current marketing strategy. PPC ads are used to drive search traffic to your website, increase ROI, and increase leads, conversions and sales.


Free Custom PPC Quote From Your Local Greensboro PPC Agency


PPC campaigns are highly targeted and measurable which allows us to capture and funnel traffic to convert into sales. We specialize in helping businesses (small and large) define their pay-per-click strategy (including Google Ads), understand their PPC campaign performance, and refine pay-per-click targeting to capture the right audience.

PPC advertising is highly profitable when paired with a responsive website and successful search engine optimization practices, both of which are additional services we specialize in at Get YOU Found. It can offer a huge return on investment when you have the right digital marketing agency managing your marketing campaign.

We understand how to create high converting PPC campaigns to maximize your budget and your ROI. If you don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to hassle with learning the technicalities of Google Ads (and lose money in the process), contact Get YOU Found today. Whether it’s brand awareness or lead generation that you need, we can get your campaign up and running within days!


Pay-Per-Click Frequently Asked Questions

How does PPC advertising work?

PPC is an online advertising method. Your ads are displayed online, in several formats depending on your campaign, and you pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad. PPC ads typically display on search engine results pages above or next to organic search results when someone searches online for a particular service or product.

Ad placement is determined by bids placed in an algorithmic auction in which you compete against other advertisers. You’ll need a team of PPC experts to help you determine which keywords you’re competing for, and how to best utilize your budget.

Can I do PPC advertising myself?

Technically speaking? Yes. Is it cost-effective? Absolutely not. Pay-per-click campaigns require industry expertise, experience, maintenance, and analysis in order to be successful and deliver your desired results.

PPC campaigns can be expensive and ineffective if you don’t have a solid understanding of how PPC auctions work, how to define and target audiences, and when to adjust your strategy. By working with Get YOU Found, you can skip the costly learning curve and start getting results the right way.

I’ve tried PPC before and it didn’t work. How would it be different with Get YOU Found?

PPC campaigns require skill, experience, and constant monitoring in order to be successful. Get YOU Found has built several lucrative PPC campaigns, and we continue to manage them for our clients. We use data-driven techniques to deliver actual results and adjust our strategy to the changing industry as necessary.

Why should I hire a PPC agency when I can learn how to do it on the Internet?

While learning how to launch and manage your own PPC campaign can be done, it takes time to learn the ins and outs and avoid expensive pitfalls.

Get YOU Found is the PPC agency that already has the knowledge and talent to run a successful campaign. This saves you the time, headache, and money it takes to get around the PPC learning curve. Simply put, we handle your PPC campaign so you can focus on running your business.

My last PPC agency was awful. What’s different about Get YOU Found digital agency?

Some PPC agencies simply use up your monthly spend without providing insight or implementing a smart strategy. Quite frankly, poor PPC management leads to ineffective use of budget and wastes money.

Get YOU Found doesn’t spend your budget without a plan. Our team of PPC experts uses your budget wisely and makes intelligent decisions based off of several factors including target audience, niche, keywords, and algorithm updates. A successful campaign requires attention and tweaking according to monthly progress. If you aren’t getting all of this from your PPC manager, it may be time to find a new agency.

Young woman standing near desk with instruments, plan and laptop

Can my business afford a PPC agency?

Contact Get YOU Found for a free PPC campaign quote. We can go over your goals and budget in order to develop a strategy that works best for you.

What is a good click-through rate (CTR)?

An average click-through rate, or CTR, will vary depending on your industry. However, on average, the first ad position in search results will yield an estimated 7% CTR.

Search ads will have higher CTRs on average compared to display ads, and these percentages change based on where you’re advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, etc.).

What do Get YOU Found PPC services look like?

We’re a certified Google Partner and we’ve been creating, launching, and managing PPC campaigns for nearly as long as PPC has been around. First, we’ll understand your business and goals, and your competitors.

Get YOU Found PPC experts then develop a campaign around your target audience, keywords, and budget in order to isolate the moment at which your ideal customer is most likely to convert. We’ll optimize landing pages for conversions, determine which type of paid ads are best for your business (text, search, display, etc.), and adjust your campaign as needed.

We value communication and keeping you updated on your campaign’s progress. You’ll receive monthly reports detailing PPC campaign performance, insights about competitors, and how to best continue growth.

How do I start PPC advertising with Get YOU Found digital solutions?

Get started with a complimentary PPC quote. Tell us a little about you, your business, and your goals. We’ll get to know you and understand your business in order to build you a successful campaign. Get YOU Found launches, monitors, and manages your PPC campaign, and provides monthly reports based off of your real data to track progress.

Work With Get YOU Found To Generate Maximum Value For Your Business

Get started with our team of experts to develop a PPC marketing strategy and refine your marketing efforts to increase the visibility of your business. Get YOU Found is the PPC agency you can trust to build your brand and improve your conversion rate. We always personalize advertisements and paid search campaigns to reach your target audience and stay true to your brand. We serve Greensboro, North Carolina, the Triad Area, and more.


  • "Get You Found is THE BOMB! Don't trust in the shady characters that run the other web hosting companies! These days, your website is critically important in telling the world about your business, maintaining the website, and pushing it to the top of search engines, which is among the many awesome services offered by Get You Found. I'm delighted by the way Get You Found has handled my business needs and plan to stay with them forever! Thanks, Get You Found!"
  • "Our salon business has grown rapidly from a single client and an 8x10 room to a huge client database with 4 high volume locations. We love what we do. We work hard. We use Get YOU Found. Get YOU Found Digital Marketing & Research is a business ROCKET LAUNCHER for our media reach and an absolute light-speed funnel for driving traffic to our platforms. Get YOU Found was able to channel our vision to our audience and highlight our brand to those who desire our services and products. Working with Get YOU Found has been an absolute pleasure because of their hands on approach, attention to detail, and deep understanding of what it takes to set a brand up for success in a crowded online world."

  • "They have been handling our account for little over a month and we've already seen more results than our last SEO company's whole last year with us.  Great company to work with!"
  • "This team of exceptional digital marketing professionals is a real pleasure to work with. Their SEO work is 'killer" and has put us on page one for years. They completely redesigned our website for a much more contemporary look, and they are now hosting it for us so it is monitored and updated. Outstanding strategic thinking, whether it's automated email campaigns, blog content or overall messaging. A real partner in our success!"
  • "Get You Found has proven to be our best strategic partner. They are responsive to client needs, their work is exemplary, and they work with us to get the results we desire and expect. Their team of talented professionals never disappoint."
  • "Get You Found Online Marketing created a new website for both our company and my own personal use this year. We have had a significant increase in traffic and customer leads as a result of this upgrade. Innovative designs, along with built in lead generation systems, have added a boost to our business this year. They also design and monitor our Google Adwords account while promoting our organic search engine ranking. Great all in one company for any business who plans to have a presence on the Internet."
  • “Working with Get You Found has made the complicated world of websites, SEO, and internet marketing more navigable and easier to include as part of an overall marketing plan for our business.  They listened to our needs and asked the right questions to understand our business. We continue to get compliments on the websites that Get You Found created for us.  Great team to work with!”
  • "Get You Found has a team of talented people who possess a wealth of SEO knowledge and insight. They were very helpful as we performed an SEO boost on our recently relaunched website."
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