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Understanding Local SEO

Find the Best Local SEO Company

Did you know 46 percent of all Google searches are local? Or that 78 percent of local mobile purchases result in an offline purchase? This is why local SEO is so important for businesses with a local reach.

Every day, millions of people look for products and services available in their area, both for purchase online and in-stores. Most people do not realize that by executing effective SEO tactics, organizations can improve their ranking in Google Maps, localized organic results, and overall market visibility across the Web.

Many mistakenly equate local SEO with single storefront operations, a strategy reserved for mom and pop shops. While local search does indeed help small businesses, these tactics also benefit larger companies with multiple locations spread across a variety of cities. Regardless of size or industry, local SEO is an important aspect of an effective SEO strategy and an invaluable marketing approach that improves results for every business.

While it is often difficult to rank nationally or internationally for popular keyword phrases, products, or services, it is usually much easier to rank locally. This is because along with the searcher’s intent, proximity of the searcher is one of the most important ranking factors today for local search. These two ranking factors go hand in hand due to the fact that most people looking for a service are the most interested in locating a provider near them. In fact, recent studies have shown that ‘near me’ searches make up approximately 82% of shopping searches on a mobile device. This is significant because over half of all searches in the US occur on a smartphone or tablet. Good visibility in local search, along with a good reputation, also serves to boost your national – and even international – search engine results because it helps show Google that your business is both trusted and respected. It’s a win-win situation for practically all companies. 

Developing and maintaining a local SEO campaign is a dynamic process, requiring a keen understanding of multiple marketing strategies and platforms. From unique localized content on your website to your Google business page, there are many moving parts to a local SEO strategy that demand vigilant oversight informed by data analysis and innovative creativity. Google’s quality standards and ranking factors change frequently as well, so it’s important to only work with marketing agencies who have experience keeping up with current standards and technologies, and applying that knowledge effectively to increase overall performance and sales.

Optimizing and properly managing your Google My Business (GMB) Listing is an important first step in developing an effective SEO campaign. Your GMB listing the face of your business in local and Maps search results, and proper management can be complicated. Developing and maintaining a SEO campaign is a dynamic process, requiring a keen understanding of multiple marketing strategies and platforms. From unique localized content on your website to your Google business page, there are many moving parts to a local search strategy that demand vigilant oversight informed by data analysis and innovative creativity. That is why you should only work with the best local SEO company to increase performance and sales.

Why Work with a Local SEO Agency?

For organizations with target audiences in specific locations, local SEO tactics play a crucial role in generating leads, building awareness, and achieving goals. While solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and practices are critical, the success of your local business relies on working with the best agency who understands how to connect your enterprise with the local digital marketing prospects.

Precise knowledge of various platforms is necessary for successful search engine optimization. A local SEO expert, like Get YOU Found, has extensive experience in navigating the many factors that play into planning and implementation. From creating high-quality content and strong link-building strategies to managing social media channels and local reviews, your local SEO expert should know the ins and outs of every determining factor in your campaign.

When it comes to SEO, local efforts set the foundation for the work. Google penalizes companies with incorrect local data, making it even more difficult to rank among competitors in their market. The key to successful local SEO lies in the many details that Google evaluates. Get YOU Found digital marketing agency takes care of all of the details for our clients.

Find the Best Local SEO Company
Find the Best Local SEO Company

Why Get You Found is the Best Local SEO Company

Get YOU Found manages every single aspect of local SEO ranking factors for your business. For instance, your accurate information and consistency in your NAP – Name, Address, Phone number – listing is critical. Search engines like Google take NAP into account when determining which companies to show for geo-targeted searches. Your company needs to be claimed in all search engine business listings, and the NAP needs to be consistent and precise across the Internet and throughout your website. If your company has ever moved locations or shares an address there are specific tactics that can be employed to resolve the problems that emerge with any inconsistencies in the data.

Our detailed local SEO process also relies on link-building, citations, domain authority, local reviews, social media marketing, and other important search engine optimization strategies. Effective metadata creation, building domain authority, adding citations, and monitoring your NAP across all Internet channels are just some of the many aspects we monitor and leverage to maximize to your listing in local search engine results.

As a digital marketing authority, Get YOU Found also integrates local SEO strategies into overall awareness campaigns combining tactics from other practices such as SEO, PPC, content writing, and social media. By combining tactics to develop a robust marketing strategy for your company, Get YOU Found stimulates business growth while improving brand awareness and profits. Multi-faceted marketing strategies including local SEO tactics deliver an impressive return on investment for organizations serious about business growth and increased revenue.

Over the years, Get YOU Found has executed SEO strategies for numerous businesses in a variety of sectors, ranging from law practices to residential HVAC repair shops and even national brands. Not only has our work improved online visibility, but some of our clients saw marked increases in their overall sales when they enlisted Get YOU Found and our high-performing SEO services.

The Get YOU Found team strives to be the best local SEO company by staying up-to-date on algorithm changes, best practices, and trends. This knowledge empowers our staff to provide your organization with the latest local SEO methods to ensure your business is always one step ahead of the competition.

Ready to work with a local SEO expert? Contact us today to discuss developing a custom SEO strategy for your enterprise.

Ready to work with a local SEO expert?

Contact us today to discuss developing a custom local SEO strategy for your enterprise.


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