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We’ll help your company Get Found by prospective clients utilizing the latest and greatest in Internet marketing SEO techniques.

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We play well with others. These days no one can do everything. We are experts in the digital marketing space and we are able to collaborate with other marketing experts to get results for our partners.

We Live By Numbers

The numbers don’t lie in digital marketing and we know that. We are extremely analytical which makes us well suited for our craft.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our talented team is based in the United States. We don’t go overseas to hire so-called digital experts on the cheap.


We select our clients as carefully as they select us. All of us consider partnership to be the key element to a successful digital marketing agency relationship. We work with people who are willing to listen to their digital advisers and not afraid of Google’s website data and the insights it provides. We work with clients who understand that successful companies are built by partnering with other companies focused on quality. At Get You Found we create long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We work with people who want to grow their businesses. All of our successful clients demonstrate a strong commitment to quality in everything they do and work hard to constantly improve.

We understand the unique challenges our partners face rising to the top of search engine ranks. We grind the Google Analytics numbers, analyze their competitors’ websites and numbers so that our clients can grow efficiently leveraging the increasing power of digital marketing.


Wall Streeter meets Hippie

Much like a Yin and Yang symbol – Ed Kuhlenkamp and Peter Raines balance one another out. Together they’ve relied on their individual strengths to build a high-quality, successful digital marketing agency. Get YOU Found – Digital Marketing is the result of their partnership and willingness to collaborate to accomplish a greater end goal. The business results of their teaming up runs through the center of Greensboro, North Carolina with a client list expanding across the country.

Ed Kuhlenkamp is a self-described business builder and adrenaline junkie. He works out four times a week, tries to never leave home without a mountain bike in tow, and loves working with smart people to build companies. He is a strong, intense, goal-oriented presence.

Peter Raines has a background in physics and technology and can usually be found in sandals or hiking boots. He believes that all things within the Universe are tightly connected, and that everything in business and in life is measurable. His presence is calm, unassuming, and warm.

Peter Raines
Senior Internet Marketing Consultant

Ed Kuhlenkamp
Business Development, Strategic Planning

After working 12-14 hour days on Wall Street Ed decided that he had had enough. He was making plenty of money but felt as though he was missing valuable time with his family. He chose to leave Wall Street to carve himself a new career path. He began developing multi-million dollar sponsorships for motorcycle race teams and motorcycle companies KTM and Ducati. Though he loved the thrill of what he was doing he still wanted more. He wanted to build businesses that were both financially viable and socially and ecologically sustainable.

His search brought him into contact with Peter Raines. Ed was drawn in during one of the many educational sessions Peter delivered that discussed digital marketing and growing businesses.

While Ed spent most of his early career on Wall Street building and selling corporate consulting companies, Peter went to school at Guilford College where he majored in Physics and CMIT while also going through training in energy / body work – he then transitioned to a career in technology. Ed, with his knack for business and strategy, and Peter, a technical guru with a genuine connection to individuals and the community around him, combine to deliver an excellent partner relationship with a wealth of combined experience.

It was in Peter and Get YOU Found that Kuhlenkamp saw the perfect chance to work with a company in which he could give back to the community through job creation while also aiding in the growth of other corporations.

Both men see Get YOU Found as a strong platform to help make the world a better place through the expansion of strong small to mid-sized companies utilizing cutting edge digital strategy.

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