Digital Marketing Careers


We hire the best!

That, for one, is what makes a digital marketing career at Get YOU Found quite unlike any other.

At Get YOU Found, digital marketing isn’t just a job. It’s who we are. Brand-building and business development through strategic research, results-focused analytics, and experiential learning isn’t just what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s what we eat, drink, and breathe.

The Perks of Being a Part of the Get YOU Found Team

Competitive Pay

Earn what you're worth, without jumping through hoops

Limitless Locations

Do we support remote work? We’re its biggest fans.

Flexible Hours

Work whenever, however.

Growth Opportunities

No favorites here. You work hard, you move up.

Constant Support

We’re not just a team of go-getters. We’re a family.

Skills Training

Want a new online marketing job with us?

Go for it. Seriously.

What makes a digital marketing career at Get YOU Found different?

Unlike other careers in digital marketing, you won’t just push paper or put out client fires when asked by the marketing manager. With our marketing team, you will analyze, create, innovate, deconstruct and reconstruct so much that it will become second nature to you. If it’s not already, marketing strategies and brand marketing trends, quirks, and details will become a part of your DNA (so much so that you may wonder why in the world you ever did anything else for a living.)

Here at Get YOU Found, we’re looking for the best and brightest– but we’re also looking for those with the intangible qualifications that will make each project they work on come to life. In short, we want the movers, the shakers, the pioneers and the innovators. Whether you’ve held digital marketing jobs before or not, if you’ve got the secret sauce to delight clients and electrify their goals, we’re interested in you.

What will a digital marketing career at Get YOU Found involve?

When you start your digital marketing career here at Get You Found, you’ll join a team of accomplished professionals from all sorts of backgrounds. We’ve got guys that come from the finance world. Gals that worked in engineering. And pretty much everything in between. As is the case for all of our amazing team members, your job here at Get YOU Found will be to use your own unique strengths to not just hit the goals we set for our clients– but to crush them.

That means that if there’s a job that’s been done and time to spare, you’re planning ways to make that job even better. If a client’s brand manager has a question that needs your expertise, you’re not just providing an answer they want to hear– you’re providing the answer that will help them push progress forward. And if you’ve got thoughts on projects that you’re not working on, you’re not just keeping them to yourself– you’re sharing them with the rest of the Get You Found team to help make us all that much better.

Of course, just as much as we forge lasting relationships with our clients, we look at every new hire as a career hire, and provide all of the support you’ll need to make your career as a digital marketer with us as fruitful and meaningful as it can possibly be.

At Get YOU Found, we’re a team that sticks together and produces timely, incredible, results-oriented work for clients that entrust us with the growth, expansion, and longevity of their businesses. When you start your digital marketing career at Get YOU Found, you become an integral part of that team.

Why should I choose a career with Get YOU Found?

There are lots of digital marketing agencies out there. But where some focus on scale, many focus on volume, and others focus on revenue, we’re proud to say that we always have and always will dedicate ourselves entirely to delivering the highest quality results and marketing analytics for our clients.

Sure, we’ve won a few awards and picked up some business and marketing accolades along our journey– but if you were to take all of that away, we’d be nothing more than a small team of diverse folks committed to data analysis, integrity and innovation in client service. And we couldn’t think of anything better.

If you’re looking for a career in marketing where you can quickly handle the most accounts, make the most money, execute basic marketing campaigns, or tell others what to do, Get YOU Found isn’t the place for you.

Somehow, though, we seriously doubt you would have read this far if that were the case.

Choosing a career at Get YOU Found means joining a movement– a movement that helps great companies grow, and supports the team of incredibly brilliant people that makes it possible.

We aren’t a big agency, but we are a powerful one. We want people that understand the value of hard work, collaboration, integrity, and results. We want people that are willing to give and receive guidance to and from their colleagues. And we want people that can’t think of a career more stimulating, satisfying, or energizing than a career in digital marketing.

If that sounds like you, then, yep.  We want to hear from you.