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Everybody understands the power of good digital marketing. When it comes to getting your product in the hands of the right people, there’s nothing quite like a solid marketing strategy or an incredible digital marketer that can do the heavy lifting for you. But finding a local digital marketing agency that understands your needs, works with you to help build your online presence, and implements tried and true marketing strategies to help you reach your business goals can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

That is, until you find Get YOU Found. As Greensboro, North Carolina’s premier marketing company, our marketing process combines over a decade of industry experience with offerings that vary from social media marketing to paid searchweb design, copywriting, and more to create the perfect blend of marketing services that will produce the return you’re looking for. We’re an internet marketing company that cut our teeth helping businesses build their brands from scratch, and we measure our success by one thing: the results we drive for our clients. Simply put, we eat, sleep, and breathe online marketing, and we’ve got the wins to show for it. Digital marketing strategy constantly changes, and it pays to have a team on your side that’s seen enough to know just how to keep your company in front of the pack. At Get YOU Found, we are that team.

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Our Marketing Process

There are plenty of marketing agencies around the Piedmont Triad area. One of the things that makes us so successful, however, is our commitment to each and every one of our clients. We understand that any company can talk about marketing and media strategy, but very few marketing companies can actually deliver meaningful, scalable results time and time again. Our clients get less idle chatter from us, and more hard work that drives results. We’re forthcoming about what we can reasonably deliver, and eager to aid our clients in finding a solution to any needs that aren’t in our scope. Unlike other digital marketing agencies that see each client as little more than a monthly retainer, we eschew traditional retainers in favor of relationships built on great work, responsiveness, and impressive results. The clients we work with usually remain clients for years, and the relationships we build help us craft incredible experiences that enrich brands, drive significant web traffic, boost conversion rates, and increase sales.

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Alongside our commitment to our clients, we differ from many other advertising agencies in that we specialize in a number of integrated marketing strategies. Be it content marketing, PPC, traditional inbound marketing, or another channel, our marketing and branding experts have the skills and experience to build winning digital strategy quickly and efficiently. We’re a digital agency that believes it shouldn’t take months and months to build a marketing campaign that will grow your business, and that there’s also no such thing as a one size fits all solution to every marketing problem. Our unique process puts diligent research, intimate knowledge of your brand, and the skill of our marketing team members at the forefront of every online marketing strategy we implement. Whether it’s lead generation, link building, general search engine optimization or pay per click advertising, we believe each client deserves a quality plan of action and implementation process that puts them in the best position for the most return.

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Our mission

As a marketing firm that’s operated in and around the Greensboro, NC area for over a decade, we’ve had the unique opportunity to help a lot of businesses do a lot of big things. No matter how successful we’ve been in offering marketing solutions, building content strategy, assisting with B2B campaigns, and more, though, we’ve always maintained one mission: to approach each company we work with with the same passion we have for our own. We could be one of those internet marketing companies that simply works to generate leads, builds basic marketing campaigns, and collects a check, but we feel like we’d be cheating ourselves. We know digital advertising, and we feel obligated to use that knowledge to provide the very best in data driven results day in and day out. We’re one of those digital agencies that gets excited when a marketing plan is executed flawlessly, AdWords campaigns produce without a hitch, or an email marketing campaign finally pushes your conversion rate through the roof.

Here at Get YOU Found, we’re committed to raising the bar for digital marketing services, and we’re always eager to take on new challenges with new businesses eager to start making a real difference with digital. Contact us today for your marketing and advertising needs!

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We offer full-service organic search engine optimization strategies that can be customized to your specific needs. Our comprehensive SEO services include data analysis, detailed keyword research, web content optimization, value-based link building, and local SEO.

Content Marketing

From blog posts to infographics, current content gives your brand a voice and potential clients a reason to visit your site. We create, distribute, and promote a broad range of content to drive engagement and build meaningful connections with your website visitors.


We maximize traffic to your website with our continuous dedication to identifying, capturing, and converting your target audience. We create engaging ad copy tailored to your audience and demographic to generate more leads and increase sales.

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