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When it comes to fitness, both brands and enthusiasts alike understand that success usually boils down to a few things: practice, dedication, and execution. At Get YOU Found, we believe your digital marketing agency should understand the same. For years, we’ve been the premier provider of digital marketing services for companies in and around the Greensboro, NC area. By leveraging our expertise in areas like pay per click adscontent marketing, and SEO, we can help your fitness company attract the right customers, send you high-value leads, which convert to gym memberships. You know the fitness industry, and we know the marketing strategy you need to push your fitness brand to the next level. We’re straightforward, data-driven, and passionate about generating scalable results. Our marketing strategies are designed for your success.

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Leveraging Search Engine Optimization to Get You Found

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Building and maintaining a solid online presence as a fitness company is an important part of ensuring the right customers can find you. At Get YOU Found, our SEO and inbound marketing strategies revolve around boosting your brand’s search engine ranking position on engines like Google and Bing for keywords that relate to your goals. We do this by collaborating with you to understand your target audience and combing through search platform data to find the keywords and keyword strands most likely to appeal to said audience. Once we have a comprehensive list, we then build out a content creation plan designed to complement what you’re already doing well with strong, engaging copy, compelling calls to action, and focused keywords. We build both specific landing pages and blog posts based on your current traffic, audience goals, and conversion funnels– and we hone in on your market niche by consistently updating the content we build and tailoring it to the men and women most likely to engage, buy, and promote your brand.

Fitness brands, gyms, and personal trainers aren’t all created equal, and the most successful brands often have a specific formula that makes them tick. We understand the nuances of an industry that’s constantly changing, and we’re committed to building custom marketing solutions that work with what you’re looking to do, first and foremost. Just like you take pride in providing quality products, creating and maintaining a quality brand, and beating your competition, we take pride in our commitment to our customers. We don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches to marketing across any digital channels. Every bit of content and digital strategy you get from us is tailored to meet your needs.

PPC Strategy Designed to Get You Results

Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube and more have revolutionized the way brands can advertise. Instead of fighting for space in a fitness magazine or newspaper, brands can now leverage user behavior, web analytics, and custom data to target consumers online, where most of today’s information searches start. As a Google partner digital agency, we understand the ins and outs of pay per click advertising and have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend for companies across dozens of industries. When done right, paid advertising can significantly boost traffic, conversion rates and sales for your fitness brand, and almost always will do so at a fraction of the spend of traditional marketing practices like commercial billboard slot purchases. Our team of marketing professionals is passionate about generating valuable ROI through paid campaigns across all search and social media platforms, and we’ve spent the better part of the last ten years refining our expertise to bring our clients the very best in scalable results.

It’s hard to go wrong with a targeted PPC campaign across Google, Bing or social media. Some platforms, like Facebook ads, start at just $1 a day per campaign– an expenditure that can usually be easily managed with even the smallest of budgets. And for fitness brands that have a niche product that appeals to only a certain portion of their audience, ad groups, remarketing campaigns, and retargeting parameters can be customized to cater to even the most specific of audiences. Trusting an agency to help you achieve your business objectives with PPC marketing solutions is one of the smartest things a fitness brand looking to make a lasting impact on its target market can do. We’re one of the few marketing companies in the North Carolina area with a track record of pay per click wins to back us up, and we have the skillset and resources to help your company build a marketing plan that leverages the power of PPC to drive results.


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Website Design that Keeps Your Audience Engaged

The best paid and organic campaigns often fall flat if they’re not accompanied by a strong website, engaging copy, and a seamless user experience. At Get YOU Found, we know what it takes to improve visitor experiences, increase visits, and make your website shine. Conversion optimization is only as good as the website, and our websites are designed to go above and beyond. From custom graphics and imagery to logo design, sitemap installation, and hosting, we use our years of experience to build custom websites that outperform the competition on search engines and help you drive traffic and increase conversions.

Fitness brands without a clear message, complicated product lines, or even errant code in their current websites need not worry, either. Our web design team can build a new site from scratch, fix problems with your current site, or work around quirks within your website to get you the results you’re looking for. As a full service marketing company, our primary goal is to work with you– not force you to conform to our way of doing things. We know what works on digital, and we’re more than willing to take a number of approaches to get you where you need to be.

If you’re a fitness brand owner, gym owner or personal trainer looking to take your brand to the next level on digital, the team here at Get YOU Found can help. With digital marketing strategies that have been refined over a decade and a team of experts that have built thousands of marketing campaigns, we can get you the results you need. Contact us today to see what integrated marketing solutions may be right for your brand!

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