Digital Marketing for Software Companies

In a way, software development and digital marketing are a lot alike. Both require goal-oriented work. Both set out to solve consumer or enterprise problems. And the folks that work in both industries also tend to be very good at what they do.

Unfortunately, they’re not very good at doing each other’s jobs.

Marrying a digital marketing agency with your software company or SAAS brand is the best way to push ideas, dynamic content, and your unique voice to prospects and new customers that are just waiting to hear it. At Get YOU Found, we have years of experience working with a diverse range of software brands to build incredibly successful marketing campaigns and offer long term solutions for lead generation and lead nurturing. We believe in the power of partnership, and we look to push the envelope in everything that we do. Whether you’re interested in marketing automation or automation software, content marketing, website design, pay per click advertising or something else, we’re well-equipped with the appropriate resources to help you achieve your marketing goals through just about anything digital.

At Get YOU Found, the sky’s the limit. We believe leveraging digital channels can drastically increase marketing ROI, and we’re ready to prove just how much. We’ve spent over a decade honing our skills as a premier digital marketing agency here in Greensboro, and we know what it takes to help software companies achieve their business goals through measured, sustainable marketing strategy!

Are you ready for us to help Get YOU Found?

Our process

We cut our teeth in the software industry working with companies that often needed complete revamps of their online marketing infrastructures, and in doing so, we gained industry knowledge and learned how to achieve marketing success in a space where customer acquisition and driving qualified leads was often as difficult as making the product itself. Years later, while we know the marketing strategies that consistently perform well in the software industry, we still take our time learning each company we work with to better understand their current marketing and sales strategy, what’s working and not working, the customer lifecycle, and the changes that would bring the most benefit to their current marketing process. To us, collaboration is every bit as important as numbers and data. Although, like any established marketing company, our marketing tools rely heavily on data, we understand that it takes more than a cookie cutter approach to make our marketing efforts worthwhile in a competitive industry like software. Just as each company has a specific product and offers a specific, unique experience, we feel it’s our job to do our due diligence in bringing out the best of those differences. For some companies, that means social media marketing, website design, and improving current automation systems. For others, email campaigns and CRM integration is the best place to start. Others need a different integrated marketing mix. 

Once we’ve established the strategy that will help drive new leads and boost your conversion rates, we’ll take a nose dive into marketing analytics to set some goals and criteria for measuring progress. To us, effective marketing isn’t all that effective if it can’t be measured. We’ll take an in depth look at your conversion rate before and after our changes, and consistently tweak in line with our data collection. Depending on the marketing strategy that best fits your company, some of the marketing tactics we may employ include:

  • Attracting qualified leads and sales opportunities with PPC advertising.
  • Raising your search engine ranking through targeted SEO strategies.
  • Making an existing software company website more effective with content updates.
  • Increasing conversion rates with social media management and email marketing.

When it comes to marketing solutions designed to generate leads and grow your business, we’ve got your back. With years of best practices and marketing solutions under our belts, we truly do stop at nothing to get your business the results it needs. Unlike other marketing agencies that do one thing and one thing only, our designation as a full scale marketing solutions company means we don’t do internet marketing like the other guys. Simply put, we do whatever it takes.

Why you need marketing and digital advertising for your software company

In today’s day and age, any business of any size simply won’t survive without a dedication to digital. Unfortunately, many companies attempt to capitalize off of this by sending sales reps to try to win software firms over with slick rhetoric and too good to be true case studies. Rest assured, you won’t find any of that here at Get YOU Found.

Simply put, you need a sustainable marketing program in place for your company if you ever hope to increase sales and brand awareness in the age of web analytics, inbound, and Google. There’s so much content out there that not representing yourself with quality cross channel digital content of your own can effectively handicap your brand and prevent it from ever reaching its full potential. We live in a digital age, and just as new software is constantly being created, so, too, are new companies seizing the digital real estate that could be yours with a proper digital marketing program in place.

The way we see it, the best marketing programs are often the ones not born out of need, but out of a desire for even better. So-called data driven marketing technology is a dime a dozen these days, but an effective marketing program is one that leverages the best of marketing automation software, multi channel data, search engine optimization, social media management and more to build the perfect, customized marketing solution for a brand. That program is the one that catapults that company’s potential into the stratosphere.

And it’s that kind of program that we work to build for each software client here at Get YOU Found. 

Aside from needing a marketing program in order to compete in today’s industry, you need a marketing program to scale, to develop, and to take your company to the next level. Traditional marketing is dying, and being replaced with digital strategy that costs less, fosters a better customer relationship, and makes more sense. Adopting a marketing program for your business now ensures you’re on the right side of a transition that’s becoming more apparent every day. 

With digital marketing, the opportunities for your business are endless. Contact us today to start a conversation. You’ll be glad you did!

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  • "They have been handling our account for little over a month and we've already seen more results than our last SEO company's whole last year with us.  Great company to work with!"
  • "This team of exceptional digital marketing professionals is a real pleasure to work with. Their SEO work is 'killer" and has put us on page one for years. They completely redesigned our website for a much more contemporary look, and they are now hosting it for us so it is monitored and updated. Outstanding strategic thinking, whether it's automated email campaigns, blog content or overall messaging. A real partner in our success!"
  • "Get You Found has proven to be our best strategic partner. They are responsive to client needs, their work is exemplary, and they work with us to get the results we desire and expect. Their team of talented professionals never disappoint."
  • "Get You Found Online Marketing created a new website for both our company and my own personal use this year. We have had a significant increase in traffic and customer leads as a result of this upgrade. Innovative designs, along with built in lead generation systems, have added a boost to our business this year. They also design and monitor our Google Adwords account while promoting our organic search engine ranking. Great all in one company for any business who plans to have a presence on the Internet."
  • “Working with Get You Found has made the complicated world of websites, SEO, and internet marketing more navigable and easier to include as part of an overall marketing plan for our business.  They listened to our needs and asked the right questions to understand our business. We continue to get compliments on the websites that Get You Found created for us.  Great team to work with!”
  • "Get You Found has a team of talented people who possess a wealth of SEO knowledge and insight. They were very helpful as we performed an SEO boost on our recently relaunched website."
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