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Changing Patterns That Impact Sales


The consumer services sector encompasses a wide variety of businesses — from restaurants to hair salons, the advertising and buying patterns in consumer retail have shifted dramatically in recent years. In large part, the changes can be attributed to consumer digital marketing. Consumers today have better information at their fingertips which they can use to make more informed buying decisions.

No matter which consumer markets your business serves, you need proven online marketing techniques that will grow your revenues and place your business directly in front of your audience at the moment they are looking for your product or service. Get YOU Found offers customized digital marketing solutions to a wide variety of companies that serve the consumer industry.

Consumer Digital Marketing: A Whole New (Online) World

Digital marketing has completely restructured the consumer buying process. Shopping online has quickly and quietly overtaken the former brick and mortar consumer experience. Many customers take care of all their shopping needs from the comfort of their own home using a phone, tablet or laptop. But it’s not only convenience that has prompted this change. With a few clicks, someone can search for their desired item, read reviews to inform their purchasing decision, compare prices to ensure they find the best deal, and have it shipped to their front door. The ease of this experience has evolved the online marketplace into a thriving and vibrant environment, but with progress comes a few casualties.

The core elements driving the new consumer digital marketing experience are online reviews, social media connections, online price comparisons and online display and shopping ads. All of these have changed the shopping game/experience and moved away from the one-way broadcast advertising platforms (Yellow pages, Print Ads, Billboards and TV) that were historically used by the traditional agencies.

Digital Consumer Advertising has the added benefit of offering two-way communications through platforms like Social Media and Email. Consumers no longer wish to be talked at, they want a conversation and data, like reviews and price comparisons. The value proposition for the retailer is all about eliminating barriers and creating real connections with transparency. This is also driving the focus back to product quality, which means R&D and digital advertising will be working together to better focus efforts on what the consumer is really asking for.

Businesses are forced to develop their online presence in a variety of ways. They have to leverage all of these various online marketing elements while improving their websites and developing updated online marketing plans or risk losing customers to competitors that have evolved and embraced digital marketing. For traditional advertising agencies that have not made the transition to the online world, still grasping at the old forms of marketing – like print and radio – their clients are left disadvantaged in this high-paced consumer world. To make the necessary changes to adapt their businesses to an increasingly online landscape, they must lean on an experienced consumer digital marketing firm.

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Consumer Digital Marketing: A Dynamic Process

The key for success in digital marketing comes through extensive market research, evaluating analytics and the ability to pivot on a dime. Through a streamlined and dynamic process, digital marketing experts have the ability to fully understand your customers and their shopping habits. Starting with a solid digital marketing strategy that guides consumers through the sales process and constantly analyzing the data and results, you will have a custom plan that is tailored to your customers and their needs.

With tools like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and of course, web analytics, Get YOU Found will build a marketing strategy that is unique to your business’ goals.

A Consumer Digital Marketing Company You Can Trust

With an online marketplace that’s more competitive than ever, you need an experienced digital marketing partner at your side. When you’re ready to start growing your business, count on Get YOU Found to help you every step of the way. If you’re ready to expand your digital footprint, contact us today!

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