Client Discovery Questions

When taking on a new client, there are a few questions that allow us to get a more comprehensive view of your business. These questions are meant to help us gather the required information that we need to determine how we can assist your business, and how to best go about a digital marketing campaign with your business!

Who are your “real world” competitors?

  • Who are some businesses in the immediate area that you compete with for business? Talk to your customers, see who, if anyone, they researched before choosing you. Do more than just a local Google search. Check social media and other local marketing platforms, and find out who else is offering similar services as you in your immediate area.

Who are your “online” competitors?

  • When searching for your services or keywords, what other businesses are found in the search results, both above and below where you are found in the results? This may be localized to your area, or a wider, national search. This gives us an idea of your digital presence and what your competitors are doing that provides real value.  Note that sometimes the businesses or websites that show up in these searches are not actual businesses who compete with you directly, but they are competing for space in the search results, so they count!

Average value of the customer

  • Determining the value of a customer is a valuable metric to have. It is easily determined using a formula that can be found here. Knowing the average value of a customer allows us to determine an online marketing budget that makes sense for your business, and lets us get to know how your customers consume your product or service

Conversion rate

  • When people are reaching your website, how many of them convert to customers after seeing your business online? All you have to do is divide the number of conversions you get in a given time frame by the total number of people who visited your site or landing page and multiply it by 100%. This number can also be found in Google Analytics if you have it set up correctly.

Conversion rates from multiple sources

  • What are your conversion rates from various sources of traffic to your site (direct search, organic search, referral, social media)? It is important to know if your site is relying on one source of traffic or is casting a wider net in terms of finding conversions.

What’s the markup?

  • What is the markup of your services? How much are you making above your costs per customer? Knowing your profitability is important when determining your budget and marketing services.

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