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B2B is not immune to advertising challenges in the digital age. Businesses use search engines to find the products and services they need, just as individual consumers do. Introducing a B2B PPC advertising campaign strengthens digital marketing strategies to generate revenue and increase online exposure.

What Is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, sometimes known as search advertisements, display to potential customers searching for products and services on Google or other search engines. Google uses an auction process to determine which ads display on the search engine results page (SERP). You pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. PPC works together with SEO to grow online visibility, generate leads, and increase web traffic. Your PPC campaign’s cost per conversion (CPC) is the dollar amount it takes for a customer to complete a sale, from seeing the online ad to making a purchase.

How Does PPC Work?

Search engine ad auction algorithms determine when and where an advertisement displays on a SERP. Campaign budgets, keywords, and location targeting affect how PPC ads perform. Businesses can highlight products and services that appeal to different demographics through calculated ads. For example, a company offers commercial cleaning services – interior (e.g. conference rooms) and exterior (e.g. parking lots). The businesses interested in interior services are different from those interested in exterior services. PPC campaigns allow business owners to run separate, unique ad campaigns targeting each customer base. Effective campaigns aim for more website traffic leading to revenue and sales.

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Do PPC Campaigns Work For B2B?

Business-to-business (B2B) PPC campaigns help businesses connect with target clients directly through online ads that run constantly. PPC ads increase contact form fills, phone calls, and website visits depending on your business goals. Developing a PPC strategy requires time and experience to keep costs low and conversions high. As long as you and your digital marketing agency understand the important differences between advertising to consumers vs. businesses, a B2B PPC campaign is an asset to every online advertising strategy.

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do For B2B?

Online guides to PPC may be useful for understanding the basics of Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other search engine auctions. However, a successful, high-converting B2B PPC advertising campaign requires an experienced, trustworthy digital marketing agency to get the most for your online ad budget.

Keyword Research

Digital marketing agencies understand the value of effective, smart keyword research. By using keyword research tools, digital agencies develop a curated keyword list best fitting your target business audience. Agencies research competitor PPC campaigns, keywords, and target demographics to develop a competitive, well-defined keyword list. B2B keyword lists may need to contain branded keywords specific to your business or acronyms commonly used in your target client’s industry. Your keyword list should include long tail keywords specific to your business with appropriate relevance and forecasted search volume.

Write Converting PPC Ad Copy

PPC ads cost money and every click counts. Experienced digital marketing agencies write compelling, relevant ad copy increasing the likelihood of your advertisement being clicked. Ads that aren’t clicked don’t convert to sales. PPC ads include a call to action such as “Contact Us Today” or “Call Now” prompting potential clients to take the next step in the conversion funnel.

Optimize Landing Pages

PPC ads include links leading to landing pages on your website that should be relevant to the product or service your ad highlights. Poorly designed landing pages lose potential business clients which affects your conversion rate. Digital marketing agencies optimize landing pages to keep your content on brand and increase visitor retention. Website landing page content must be persuasive and clear to convince a visitor your business is their best option. Landing pages should include a call to action eliciting a direct response for a client to call you, fill out a contact form, or purchase a product.

Determining A Budget

B2B PPC advertising campaign budgets vary from business to business. Consult with a digital marketing agency to develop a reasonable budget with bids large enough to compete in the search engine auctions and reach enough potential clients. Your pay-per-click budget is the amount you spend in a given day during a campaign. A bid is the amount a business spends on someone clicking their ad. Underfunded PPC campaigns risk poor performance in the search engine auctions leading to zero conversions and low click rates. Trusted digital marketing agencies have the expertise to define a budget that fits your business and performance goals.

Launch PPC Campaigns And Track Progress

Digital marketing agencies launch your B2B PPC campaign and track its progress, making changes when necessary. Constant search engine algorithm updates impact PPC and SEO strategy performance. Your business needs an expert digital marketing agency to keep up with keyword trends and competitors to ensure your PPC campaign has a high conversion rate. Agencies can A/B test, or split test, PPC ads once your campaign is launched to better understand your target audience and auction behavior. Paying attention to PPC performance and adjusting appropriately sets you up for B2B success and business growth.

Get YOU Found is a digital marketing agency specializing in B2B PPC advertising. With decades of experience and countless satisfied clients, we have the expertise to design, launch, and track your pay-per-click campaign. Contact us today to start growing your online presence and reach more B2B clients.

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