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What Are Average Social Media Agency Prices?

What Are Average Social Media Agency Prices?

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  • On 2017-04-26
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Social media marketing is generally considered to be essential to the success of any business today. But most business owners are far too busy to juggle all of the requirements of a consistent and effective social media marketing plan. This means you may be looking to hire a social media marketing agency  to handle your social media services. But how much will this cost you? The answer depends on a broad range of factors – but it’s surprisingly affordable considering the potential return on investment for your business.

Hourly Rates for Social Media Marketing

If you’re only interested in setting up your basic social network sites or having a few posts or blog articles created, you may only want to invest in a few hours of time. Setup costs for social media advertising can often be billed at an hourly rate to claim and set up your individual social media profiles. If your business already has these, you may want to focus on establishing your social presence with a few posts or only post when you have specific news about your company to share. These kinds of individual articles and posts can often also be billed at an hourly rate on an as-needed basis, but be aware that depending on the social platform, posting frequency, and many other factors, this could cost up to an hour per day per social platform, and more for a blog article.

Average hourly rates for social media marketing services range between $80 and $150 per hour depending on whether you are hiring an individual freelancer or an agency with multiple social media experts on staff.

Per Post or Per Blog Rates for Social Media Marketing

Smaller local businesses and start-ups often have limited marketing budgets, and so many prefer to simply focus on a set number of posts for one or more social media sites or for their blog. However, it’s important to understand that successful Facebook marketing services require multiple posts per week and Twitter relies more heavily on daily posting. This is why hiring an experienced social media marketing company is important, because they will understand how to provide the most meaningful and engaging content for each individual audience and what the optimum number of monthly, weekly, or daily posts for each site is.

Another important thing to consider is that original content that reflects your brand voice is essential. This is why hiring a non-US based company is a bad idea. Those who are not native English speakers may charge substantially less, but they also have difficulty mastering a natural writing style that accurately reflects your individual brand voice. And if you’re a local business, hiring a company located in your specific geographic area or specializing in your industry may also offer some extra benefits in terms of understanding your particular customer base.

Since each specific social site has its own set of best practices for length and style of posts, rates vary greatly, but you can expect to pay at least $200 to $500 per post for blogs and articles and $60 to $100 for shorter Twitter and Facebook posts.

Monthly Social Media Marketing Service Plans

An increasingly popular option, most social media marketing agencies offer a monthly pricing scale for planning, creating, and managing your social sites. If your goal is to reach a regular audience of hundreds or thousands, you’ll need to invest in an ongoing service plan. This should involve daily or at least weekly posts to all of your social media accounts, regular monitoring of all your sites and customer posts, and monthly or semi-annual reports analyzing the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts and suggestions for ways to improve them.

Engagement is another important element. Responding to inbound posts, answering questions, and interacting with your target audience takes time. Without these interactive components, your users may well become disinterested and hit the unfollow link. How much time these interactions take varies greatly from week to week and month to month, because it depends on how many people reach out to you or post their own comments on your social media sites. Having someone monitoring and responding as needed to these comments is essential to a truly successful social media marketing plan, and is well worth a regular monthly investment.

The current average national industry cost for a monthly social media marketing contract ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

At Get You Found, we offer a variety of pricing plans for our social media marketing services. Our specialty is providing small to medium sized local businesses with the services they need to make their companies succeed. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us to discuss your business’ marketing needs with one of our experienced social media marketing consultants.


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