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Internet Marketing for Industrial Machinery and Manufacturing

A great digital marketing agency and an industrial manufacturing company have two things in common: results-oriented services and a commitment to quality. At Get YOU Found, we employ marketing tactics that work by leveraging years of digital strategy and lead generation experience in the industrial machinery and manufacturing market.

Unlike other marketing companies that look to be a one size fits all solution for a brand, we take digital marketing strategy a step further by getting to know our clients, helping them assess their goals, and, ultimately, creating a robust marketing plan that is both measurable and scalable. The manufacturing industry is all about precision, and we believe the marketing team you partner with should be, too. With a marketing company that both understands what you’re looking for and has the expertise and background to provide, personalized, data driven solutions, you truly can transform digital into one of your highest converting channels!

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Deep Industry Knowledge

Get YOU Found has been in the business of helping companies of all sizes in the manufacturing industry generate massive ROI through content marketing, email marketing, paid search and display campaigns, and white hat SEO services that get the right products in front of the right people, at the right time. We have over ten years of experience building winning campaigns for clients nationwide, and our marketing experts continue to hone their online marketing knowledge base through consistent training and application. Our unique commitment to our clients’ needs and business objectives makes us a standout option when you need marketing services that drive results and get you more for your spend, and our holistic approach to marketing solutions means we leave no stone unturned when it comes to researching and building a marketing campaign that will help you stand out from the crowd, too. We’re a company that’s driven by data, and our marketing professionals put results above a retainer. We never sell our clients on a media strategy we can’t deliver, and whether it’s content creation or social media management, everything we do on behalf of our clients is done with the ultimate goal of helping them make more money, more regularly, and with more efficiency.

Our Strategy

If you want to drive return from digital, it’s imperative that your media, PPC, and content strategy revolve around a strong online presence and good search engine rankings. At Get YOU Found, we implement a blend of online marketing best practices that help your company achieve that brand awareness through all digital channels.

Depending on the state of your current website, our web design experts may first suggest a remodel or overhaul of existing content in order to increase the search engine optimization of web pages that may be not be doing well in organic search, or to better match keywords you’re currently using in pay per click campaigns. In our experience with clients in the manufacturing industry (and many other industries), building a quality website that drives prospective clients or new customers to take action early and often is one of the most effective marketing strategies for consistent lead generation. Wirth a team of pros that focus on nothing but website design, we can take even the most boring of websites and turn them into lead generating machines– with little to no downtime for your core business throughout the process.

Along with the optimization of your company pages, our team will also implement pay per click advertising to help you push more traffic to your website and increase the number of prospective customers that see your content. While we often do this through an in-depth Google AdWords buildout, our experts are also well acquainted with alternative advertising methods like Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Depending on your online advertising budget and consumer behavior in the market niche you’d like to aim for, we may suggest one, two, or even a combination of multiple strategies to help you get the most bang for your buck. Again, we don’t employ a one size fits all solution to any client: we’re purely dedicated to getting you the return you’re looking for.

Website design and paid advertising through search and display ads are just two of the various marketing tactics we employ for our clients. Along with email marketing and marketing on social media platforms, search engine optimization is also a huge channel for brand profitability, and our team of copywriting specialists works hard to create robust, rich content that both helps our clients rank for keywords and positions them as industry experts. Whether you have a content plan or need us to create one for your company, we know the strategies needed to help increase your organic search position measurably.

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Why You Need Get YOU Found For Your Industrial Business

More than ever before, it’s crucial for industrial machinery and manufacturing companies to have a well-developed online presence and effective marketing strategy in place in order to get in front of new customers. At Get YOU Found, we specialize in a select group of industries, including the industrial machinery and manufacturing markets. We understand that when it comes to manufacturing, marketers are interacting with a completely different world. Commercial and B2B clients have different needs and requirements than companies that sell standard consumer products, and we use the best SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies to meet them.

Our clients include well-known equipment and technology manufacturing companies in a variety of specialized fields. We serve a diverse group of businesses that range from mid-sized local companies looking to regionally expand their target markets to domestic manufacturers seeking a strong global presence. No matter who the client is, we painstakingly take the same critical approach to detail, rely on marketing research, web analytics, and marketing measurements above all else, and devote ourselves to doing whatever it takes to drive more leads, sales, and revenue.

We’re more than just an internet marketing agency. We’re a holistic digital agency that harnesses the power of the web to meet your next customers at the perfect stage in their customer journey. And we’re here to help!


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