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If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner looking for quality website hosting and other digital marketing services, you’ve come to the right place. Get YOU Found is a results-driven and numbers-oriented digital marketing company that specializes in helping its clients sustainably grow their businesses.

Some companies only offer domain-hosting services, but Get YOU Found is all-inclusive. It is beneficial for the same digital marketing company to simultaneously manage your company’s domain and SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), Email and other marketing services. This gives different teams more chances to collaborate and develop new ideas while also ensuring that your website and domain hosting are on top-tier infrastructure (something that gives your site an edge on Google). Information is also spread across fewer hands, keeping it more secure..

Some of our leading digital marketing services include:

  • Fast, secure and reliable website hosting.
  • SEO services including Local and National Campaigns.
  • Help finding the best domain names based on search engine traffic.
  • Full-service PPC, email, and social media campaign management.

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Why a Fast Domain Can Help Increase Your Bottom-Line

We believe that your company’s website should stand out and set your products and services apart. Get YOU Found will provide your business with a reliable domain with fast page load times and a responsive design. Website content will load quicker and customers will be able to access your products and services from their smartphone or tablet while they’re on the go. This means users will stay on your website longer and will also be more likely to inquire about or purchase your products or services.

Your Domain Name Can Help Drive Traffic and Rankings

A domain is made up of three components: the www. before most website’s names called a subdomain; the top-level domain, which is what most of us know as “.com” or “.org,”; and the website’s name, also known as the domain name. Strategically using keywords in domain names is important because search engines consider keywords a ranking factor. Get YOU Found analyzes local search engine traffic to determine the top performing keywords in your area so we can help your business choose a unique domain name.

Using Top Keywords and SEO Optimized Landing Pages to Increase Traffic

Web hosting is the foundation of any great digital marketing campaign. If your business is looking to get more ROI from your website let us help develop a Search Engine Optimization strategy based on your website’s analytics and competitor research. Our team will examine keywords in your area and analyze those competitors are using. We will use web analytic research to determine which areas of your company’s website are producing a positive customer experience and highlight areas that we can improve on. Using this information will help increase your website click-through rates, onsite retention, and conversions. We will also help attract new and current customers to your website with creative and informative landing pages optimized for SEO with linking, alt tags, and metadata. All of these components work together to increase customer loyalty, rates of recommendation, referrals to your business, and your company’s return on investment.

Get YOU Found Online Marketing | PPC, SEO, Social Media and Email

Once your domain name and website are set up for success, Get YOU Found will work to continue making you digital marketing strategy as effective as possible. Our full-service digital marketing company offers comprehensive PPC, email and local SEO packages. While SEO delivers organic search results over a longer period and costs less money, PPC is a type of paid advertising that usually delivers much faster results. When combined, SEO and PPC can become a powerful duo that will significantly increase the number of conversions and leads you receive from your website.

Get YOU Found also provides email and social media marketing services—two cost-effective ways to drive traffic back to your domain, connect with your customers, and make them feel special. These services can help you promote new products and services; provide insight into the company; and offer exclusive discounts, special offers, or coupons.

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