Bombshell Brazilian Waxing

Bombshell is a cute and chic beauty salon that specializes in hair, waxing, and tanning in Carytown, VA.  Since working with us, they have 2 new locations and are opening another in Las Vegas.

PPC Advertising

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We now run separate Google AdWords campaigns for each of their locations.  In the first month that ads ran they had 2,900 visits.  Their traffic quickly increased to 5,000 the next month and is now up to around 6,500 per month.   Both locations and the brand are promoted through the website using the unique style that Bombshell created.  We have been so successful that at times we have had to scale back the waxing campaign because they were getting overbooked!

Website Development

We designed a website for Bombshell to reflect their unique branding.  Their website is personal and fun, while still offering all the important information in an easy to use layout.


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Web Development


Online Advertising

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Social Media