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Social Media 101: A Social Media Guide for Businesses

Social Media 101: A Social Media Guide for Businesses

  • Posted by getyoufound
  • On 2017-10-25
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If you’re a new business owner, there’s no better way to establish your brand inexpensively and effectively than on social media. By following influencers in your field, creating a voice, and maintaining a consistent and engaging schedule, you’ll be on your way to success before you know it. Here are some guidelines to follow the proper etiquette when marketing your business on Facebook.

Your Profile Should Make a Great First Impression

New customers may “meet” you for the first time online. Treat this experience as if they walked into your physical storefront or office location for the first time; tuck in your shirt, smile, and bring your A-game because first impressions are everything.

Build Using the Right Photos

Make sure your social channels have relevant and properly-sized profile pictures, cover photos and descriptions so you’ll make the best first impression. All of the photos should represent your company’s brand and the services or products offered.

Let Visitors Know

The about us part of the profile should be filled out with a description of what your company has to offer and contact information should contain your business’s phone number and website URL. By doing this, visitors to your social profile will know exactly what you’re capable of delivering and how to reach your business.

Attract Traffic by Staying Active on Social Media

Sharing content through your business’s social media profile is a great way to reach and interact with your target audience. Posting the right content can keep customer’s actively following your brand and help you gain a positive rapport with your target clientele.

Generate Fresh & Creative Posts

When you’re writing your posts, remember communicating on social media is less formal than other methods of delivering content. Get creative and really utilize the right side of your brain to produce fresh and attention-grabbing posts on social platforms.

When curating and sharing content on your social media pages, it’s important to choose posts that are relevant to your brand. If you’re a pet store, for example, share stories about grooming, the best types of pet food, animal rescue foundations, and similar subjects that would be interesting to your target audience of pet owners. Be careful not to spend too much time promoting your brand. If you engage with your audience by responding to messages quickly, “like” their comments, and participate in online conversations, your following will increase organically and will not feel fake or forced.

Another way to increase your business’s reach on social media is to tag the author of an article or the business mentioned in a post. This practice fosters relationships with similar businesses and can lead to new opportunities with future customers and collaborators.

Be Authentic and Transparent

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but still very important. Online communities have little to no tolerance for phoniness or hidden agendas and can easily spot both. They do tend, however, to be forgiving. Be genuine and transparent. If you make a mistake, own up to it, do your best to resolve the issue, and then post back on the action you have taken. Being accountable will gain you an enormous amount of respect with your customer base.

Post New Content Regularly

It’s critical to keep your social media pages updated with new and exciting content. This will attract new visitors and keep customers coming back to your business’s page. Try to maintain a content schedule with at least a couple posts per week with no more than three social posts per day. You want to provide content on a regular basis without over-saturating someone’s newsfeed as this is a surefire way to be unfollowed. If you are unable to post on a consistent basis then look to hire a social media marketing agency to handle it for you.

Top Tools for Social Media Management for Businesses

The most popular social media marketing tools such as HootSuite or Sprout Social allow for integration with all major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. One of their main features is the ability to help save business owners time on social media marketing by scheduling content to be posted in the future. Many social media advertising agencies use tools like this to help manage all of their client accounts.

For example, you could schedule posts to be sent out on three different days by only sitting down once to schedule them. When planning your content schedule, try to cater your content postings to when followers are most active, such as during the morning commute and “happy hour” for the best results.

These top-rated social media management tools also help you track how your audience reacts to different posts so you can see which shared content reaches and actively engages your audience the most. For more detailed information on how to use HootSuite, please follow their tutorials here or enter this URL into your browser: https://help.hootsuite.com/entries/21626925-Quick-Start-Guide.

Get Help Starting with Social Media Management

Building a strong social media program is a huge commitment and won’t happen overnight, but it can be worth the investment of time for some types of business. For many B2B businesses Social Media might not be the best use of marketing resources, it really depends on the client. However, if it’s right for your business, social network marketing provides the opportunity to create a unique online environment for your customers, both old and new, and create trust and positive relationships with your clientele. Leveraging this instant communication for your business should be an important goal in increasing your online presence, and promoting your brand, products, or services on social media. If you have any questions on how to begin a social media marketing strategy or need help managing social media efforts for your business contact Get YOU Found today!


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