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Outdoor brands have to do a lot. Not only do you have to impress an audience with many options to choose from, but you have to stay up to date on the latest in safety, emphasize quality, and be prepared to meet changing seasonal demands. There’s a lot on the plates of outdoor brands– and marketing is a channel that shouldn’t be missed. Partnering with a digital agency with experience providing quality marketing for the outdoor industry can keep your brand ahead of the pack and help you expand your audience.

At Get YOU Found, our comprehensive suite of marketing strategies is designed to drive more revenue and push outdoor brands to the next level. From web design and SEO to content strategy and content creation, we know how to help brands use their online presence to dominate the competition, increase brand awareness, and win new customers. For over ten years, we’ve been North Carolina’s leader in marketing services and media strategy that works. If you run an outdoor brand and need a digital marketing strategy that drives results, our marketing agency is here to help. With the Get YOU Found team, you can grow your business with a smart, scalable marketing plan that caters directly to the people most likely to buy your outdoor products. We’re honest, straightforward, and serious about driving measurable results. For outdoor brands, marketing success starts with us.

Outdoor Industry Marketing Agency

The outdoor industry has a number of quirks and niches. This can be advantageous for the company that works with a digital marketing agency that understands them. Our company has created successful digital marketing strategies for some of the country’s fastest growing brands in hundreds of niches, and we’re well equipped to help meet the needs of clients in the outdoor industry.

With a full suite of digital advertising tools that perfectly complement businesses looking to make their mark on a niche customer base and a track record that includes over a decade of wins for our clients, we’re confident we can get you the results you’re looking for.

Work With Digital Marketing Experts To Optimize Your Website

Web Design That Puts Your Brand First

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Creating compelling content that puts audiences first is a large part of our online marketing strategy for outdoor-focused businesses. In addition to strong copy, seamless website design that prioritizes user experience can also do wonders for your brand. In order to run a successful marketing campaign that drives customers down your funnels, your website needs to entice, inform, and provide value for its visitors. Working with a web design agency with experience with outdoor brands is one of the most valuable investments you can make. As a business owner, you may not be able to see the changes or additions to your website that could make a lasting impact on your visitors. However, our marketers know just what to look for, and can tailor your website to cater to the individuals most likely to make a purchase.

Quality website design can unify your brand message, and, when combined with an integrated marketing approach that includes other marketing channels, streamline your acquisition goals. At Get YOU Found, our marketing team specializes in the blend of custom website design and web analytics and focuses on driving measurable results. Just as your outdoor brand is committed to quality products and value for your customers, we’re committed to providing quality web design and other marketing efforts to help you reach your goals.

Content Marketing That Does The Lead Generation Work For You

With so many brands jockeying for position in the outdoor marketing space, stellar content is the key to making your mark. Alongside responsive web design and other marketing campaigns, Get YOU Found delivers customized SEO strategies that boost your search engine optimization ranking and helps drive people that are already interested in similar products or brands into your business.

Results Driven SEO Strategy

  • Our search engine marketing experts live and breathe SEO, and will assess the search terms, keywords, and keyword phrases that your customers and prospective customers are using to find products like yours using a variety of high quality keyword tools.
  • Then, we build a comprehensive keyword strategy to help blog posts, landing pages, and product description pages rank for those keywords across search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Finally, our team will implement that strategy by creating smart, relevant, engaging content that customers and prospective customers can find value in.

Our content marketing blueprint is particularly beneficial for outdoor brands because it both tells the brand’s story and adds value to the customer’s experience– two factors that are invaluable in building loyalty and trust. In just a few years, the outdoor industry will be valued at almost 20 billion dollars. As companies continue to build and scale to claim more and more of that pie, it is a consistent, relevant, and engaging content marketing strategy that will help your brand stay ahead of the pack.

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Pay Per Click Campaigns That Eliminate Guesswork

Companies that cater to the outdoor market also must be able to leverage paid search in order to help complement organic traffic, referrals, and customers from other sources. Whether it’s a specific product or line you’re offering, brand awareness you’re looking to build, or a deal or discount you want to promote, a sturdy PPC campaign can ensure you enjoy high quality traffic that leads customers into your sales funnels. At Get YOU Found, our PPC process starts with analyzing your current digital infrastructure, including your website design and SEO optimization.

PPC Advertising Process

  • Taking your industry’s current marketing trends into consideration, we assess the keywords that are most likely to yield you positive returns based on your budget and your goals.
  • Depending on what will generate the most sustainable returns for you, our PPC experts craft a strategy that may include Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads or more.
  • As a data driven firm, we let the numbers guide us to the best decisions for the brands we work with– which means, unlike other marketing companies, we never employ a one size fits all approach to PPC advertising campaigns.

To us, success requires attention to detail, data, and a keen understanding of the needs of our clients. We go above and beyond to ensure these three principles guide us in every PPC campaign we implement.

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