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Green Marketing ties together sustainable growth and environmentally friendly practices

There’s no denying it– environmentally conscious organizations have been setting the gold standard for sustainable products and practices for decades. While many companies create business models designed to cater to their core audiences, environmentally-friendly companies take their models a step further by striving to minimize the impact of their work and missions on Earth’s fragile resources. 

Environmentally-conscious work deserves a green marketing strategy. When it comes to green marketing, companies that are committed to making a positive environmental impact should enjoy the option of a green marketing agency that aligns with their values and can help them leverage their mission to attract the right kinds of customers. Here at Get YOU Found, we are that agency. With over a decade of experience providing eco-friendly companies with the tools and resources they need to attract leads and convert them into customers, our team of marketing experts knows just how to take a brand’s message of sustainability and turn it into a calling card for customers and clients eager to help make a difference in our world. Whether it’s pay per click advertising, SEO content, website design or another service you’re interested in, our team can help. Your green business deserves a custom marketing strategy that can highlight what sets your brand apart, and you’ll get that with an agency that values your mission and business practices. Social responsibility is undoubtedly a large part of your business model. We’re here to help you make it a large part of your revenue model, too.

Environmental marketing places the story front and center

The best marketers are the best storytellers– which is why at Get YOU Found, we make it our mission to weave compelling creative SEO content into the marketing mix for green companies. While other businesses simply have their products to rely on to help them beat the competition, companies that are serious about minimizing their carbon footprint can use this commitment to appeal to an audience less concerned about products and more concerned about the mission. Through a combination of smart social media marketing, captivating on-site content and other marketing strategies, your sustainable business practices can be just as much of a draw for customers as your environmentally friendly products already are. 

Storytelling helps a green company highlight its strengths so they can connect with new potential customers. Through storytelling, a sustainable product comes to life– and with effective and consistent marketing management, it remains that way. Our team of experienced copywriters and content marketing experts knows how to make your story an even larger part of your brand, and how to leverage the most important parts of it to push customers deeper down your sales funnel. Sustainability initiatives and sustainability goals deserve a marketing plan that places them front and center in Google searches. Our experts will focus on building a plan that does just that.

Storytelling is important to Green Marketing Strategies
Marketing for Sustainable Businesses

We use your social and environmental wins to drive the right kind of customers

Every customer isn’t created equal– but with smart marketing efforts, you can start driving those customers that are perfect for your business into  the funnels that will convert them. As a digital marketing agency that’s spent years driving consumer demand for companies in a number of different industries, we have the data and resources to help you identify your ideal customer, and target them with messaging that they can connect with. One of the most clear cut ways of doing this is by sharing your environmental and social wins in a way that encourages customers to join your mission. Socially responsible customers will empathize with your brand message much more emphatically once they understand just how their connection can help. As environmental issues mount, anything your organization is doing to combat them can be channelled into marketing campaigns that call for action from those that may otherwise have never known about your brand– or been aware of its impact. 

There are a number of marketing tactics that our marketing team can use to help highlight your sustainable practices– which is why we’ll take the time to understand just how you practice corporate sustainability before we build any marketing campaign. Great online marketing depends on data analysis and strategy development, and we’re committed to understanding yours in order to make sure our marketing efforts generate a high return. Whether it’s lead generation, search engine optimization or other marketing solutions, we pride ourselves on providing relevant, impactful green marketing services that fit our customers’ needs, and exceed their expectations.

History of Getting Results

We have extensive history helping companies of all types maximize their revenue through efficient digital marketing strategy. We wholeheartedly support environmental sustainability, and we’re passionate about driving results for every business we work with. The green market of consumers can be hard to penetrate without a sharp agency that knows the tactics that will appeal and make a difference. When you’re looking for a digital agency that can complement your business strategies and help you gain the customers you want, look no further than the team here at Get YOU Found. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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