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What is Average Pricing for Professional Email Marketing Services?

What is Average Pricing for Professional Email Marketing Services?

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  • On 2017-04-26
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Email marketing is, overall, one of the most affordable Internet marketing strategies out there. You probably realize that hiring a professional email marketing agency makes sense, but now you have to try and figure out how much you need to budget. The first thing you have to know is just how much professional email marketing services cost. And unfortunately, there is no one answer.

Email marketing service prices vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Your company’s industry, region, and goals are all considerations as well as the type(s) of email marketing you’re interested in. Do you just want a monthly email newsletter? Are you interested in weekly email blasts? Do you have a one-time need for a welcome letter or a specific sales campaign? Are you interested in using modern email marketing software to create targeted emails for specific groups? All of these issues come into play when determining your email marketing costs. Here are a few important things to consider:

Why Not Do It Yourself?

If you simply want to sign up with an email service that will send out emails that you write yourself, then you can start an email marketing campaign that costs you almost nothing – except for your time and effort. The only problem with this approach is that you usually end up with exactly the same ROI – next to nothing.

Creating a successful email campaign involves understanding a variety of factors including audience targeting, content writing, and the best strategy for each type of email format. In truth, this is something that can only be learned through experience and a broader understanding of the ins and outs of internet marketing, especially since email marketing best practices are constantly changing as new technologies emerge. An established internet marketing company can offer you the invaluable expertise needed to get the most ROI out of your email campaign.

Don’t Go Cheap

While you may be able to find an online company that will offer incredibly low prices, such as $50 a month, it’s likely that these companies are not hiring native English speakers – or may not even be owned by US citizens. This is because, like most things, outsourcing is often far less expensive than hiring within the United States. Unfortunately, you also usually get far lower quality.

Nonnative speakers tend to lack an understanding of natural English phrasing, use of idioms (e.g. phrases like “see the light”), the differences between formal and informal writing styles, common lingo or jargon, and even basic grammar such as proper verb tenses and use of first (we), second (you), and third (they) person. With the latest search engine algorithms, these can be major issues when factoring SEO into your email marketing campaign, and they can also present your customers with a less-than-professional image of your company.

Another problem with companies that offer you suspiciously low pricing is that they may be skipping important steps, such as having a detailed strategic consulting session, performing copy editing and proofreading, using properly licensed images, or creating customized graphic designs. Plus, they may also not be taking the time to monitor and evaluate the success of your email campaigns so they can continuously improve them.

What to Look for in an Email Marketing Agency

If your goal is a strong return-on-investment for your email campaign, then you want to find a company that includes – or at least offers – all of the following steps:

  • Pre-campaign strategic consulting
  • Expert content writing for emails
  • Copy editing and proofing of each email
  • Adding properly licensed images
  • Custom graphic design for email templates
  • Coding emails into HTML so they appear properly for all clients
  • Testing deliverability to all major ISP’s
  • Sending the email using an optimized server/IP address
  • Post-launch analytics reports showing opening and click-through rates
  • Ongoing recommendations for future campaigns

What Will Email Marketing Cost You?

Keep in mind that all those variables we mentioned earlier come into play, so consider this only a general guide. Your particular email campaign(s) may be more or less expensive depending on individual factors.

Hourly Email Marketing Services: $80-$200 an hour
Some one-time email services are small enough that you can simply pay for them based on an hourly, rather than monthly, basis. Hourly projects may include an initial strategic consultation, evaluation of an existing email campaign, or composing a welcome letter.

Inexpensive Email Marketing Services: Less than $300 monthly
If you find an email marketing company that charges very little for their services, be careful. While they may seem in line with your budget dreams, these companies may be non-US based, completely computer generated (using a fill-in-the-blank type form for emails instead of creating customized messages), or simply new and inexperienced start-ups. In all of these cases, you are unlikely to see much return on your investment. However, if your company’s email marketing campaign is very small or you luck into a talented start-up group, you may be able to benefit from this type of service. If you do decide to try it and don’t have success or see solid analytics data from the company, you should probably consider a more experienced US email marketing company.

Affordable/Individual Email Marketing Services: $300 – $500 monthly
While this may seem like low end pricing, there are a number of smaller campaigns, such as a monthly newsletter, that could start out at this level, particularly for a smaller business operating in a narrow geographical area servicing a limited number of customers. Generally, most companies start out small with email marketing, and then increase their budget once they begin to see the impressive return on investment that a successful email campaign can produce.

Full-Scale Email Marketing Services: $1000-$5000 monthly
If you’re looking for an established professional email marketing company to create a comprehensive email campaign for your business, you can expect pricing to begin at this level. Again, your actual costs will depend on your business’ specific goals, but in this price range you can expect to receive – or at least be offered – a full range of email marketing services provided by an experienced team of professional content writers, web analytics experts, internet marketers, and account managers who will work together help you to reach your company’s goals.

High-End Email Marketing Services: more than $5,000 monthly
Companies requiring this level of email marketing services are generally national companies with ambitious goals, such as creating individually targeted emails using market segmentation software. Typically, this pricing will involve a senior email marketing team and/or a large marketing company with many years of proven success in your specific industry. This level of expert email marketing usually includes detailed monthly reports with recommendations.

How To Get Started

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the email marketing services offered by Get YOU Found™, simply contact us. We specialize in working with small to mid-sized local Greensboro, NC area businesses and would be happy to set up an initial consultation to find out what your company’s specific needs are so we can provide you with a customized quote. We look forward to working with you!


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