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The Most Effective Content Marketing Service for Business Websites

What if something as simple as an article on your website or an updated blog post yielded actual, honest-to-goodness sales? That’s content marketing. Your business puts out relevant, valuable, compelling information pertaining to your industry or field of expertise. People who are looking for answers find it, engage with it, and connect with it. Prospective customers learn to trust you as an expert in your field, which translates into likes, reblogs, retweets, and ultimately: sales. Current clients begin to rely on you for consistent, pertinent information that is relevant to them and their needs — making them more likely to return again and again.



Our content development process is customized to each of our clients. First, we have detailed conversations with you so we can get to know your business, your brand, and your personality. Once we understand your products, services, clients, and objectives, we work with you to strategize topics that are perfectly tailored to your audience. Once our team has crafted the content and optimized it using current SEO strategies, we use social media and/or email marketing and PPC to share it with current customers and potential buyers. Finally, we monitor the results using web analytics to ensure that we stay on target for future marketing campaigns.



Everyone. The biggest brands in the world use content marketing, including Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Colgate, Sears, General Mills, and General Electric. But you don’t need a big name — or a big budget — to use content marketing to your benefit. Small businesses and start-ups can use it to tell their story as well. No matter who you are, you have something to say, not just something to sell. At Get You Found, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes to tell their individual story, craft their message, distinguish their brand, and develop their unique voice. Content marketing can help you evolve your existing client base and grow your business.



At Get YOU Found, we understand that content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers instead of just blatantly selling to them. We reach out to your clients with topics that actually help them. People connect with this type of communication, and they’re more likely to absorb it and talk about it. Instead of simply pitching your products and services, we deliver information that makes your clients more educated and informed. By concentrating on connecting with your readers on a personal level, we can harness content as a powerful force to boost your sales and give your brand a story that customers want to read.



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