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B2C vs B2B SEO for Digital Marketing

In today’s internet-savvy business environment, more professionals are turning to the internet to help them choose a new product or service provider for their company. In fact, according to Google, 90% of B2B researchers go online to research business purchases. For B2B companies, this means that having an effective B2B search engine optimization strategy and […]

Digital Marketing Terms: The 30 You Need to Know

Like any other industry, the Digital Marketing world has its very own language: a collection of acronyms and definitions that sound like straight-up jargon to anyone outside the business. Getting started with a new Digital Marketing campaign for your business can be fairly intimidating, and these specialized terms certainly don’t make it any easier.  Below […]

Why Your Ecommerce Business Should Offer Coupons

Hear the word “coupon”, and you might immediately envision your mother or grandmother sitting at the kitchen counter, carefully snipping squares out of catalogues. That image may seem like a relic of the pre-digital era; something long dead and buried. But like so many other things, coupons haven’t disappeared—they’ve just gone digital. Coupons are still […]

Grow Your Brand: The Top B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

In this day and age, establishing a solid web marketing presence is crucial for any business. By using B2B (business to business)  digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, PPC advertising, Social Media, and email marketing, B2B organizations can digitally connect with their clients and dramatically increase their revenues. If you’re new to the world […]

What is Digital Marketing?

Like it or not, we are living in a digital world. Radio is digital. Watches are digital. Cameras are digital. And so, nowadays, is marketing. Gone are the days when messages about your brand came from you, and only you—now, consumers can check out your brand at any time, at any place, through any medium. […]

Top 4 Tips for Working With a Marketing Agency

You’ve started working with a new marketing company. Awesome! However, you’re not sure what to expect out of them. You have a company to run and you’ve enlisted their help, but will it be a good match? This is a question that usually gets answered over time. But there are steps you can take in […]