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Now, more than ever before, refined, successful business to business marketing strategy is becoming absolutely necessary to scale your company if you sell products or offer services designed for enterprise use. A cursory look at some of the biggest brands in any industry will no doubt illustrate the importance of a B2B digital marketing agency that can increase a company’s online presence, employ pay per click campaigns across Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and even Bing Ads platforms expertly, and produce lasting results with stellar search engine optimization work.

At Get YOU Found, we’re a digital marketing agency designed for the company that wants more from its B2B marketing campaigns. Employing best practices from years of industry work with some of the most successful brands and concepts in the country, we take a data driven approach to enterprise marketing that gets the job done again and again. As a full service marketing company, we’ve honed our skills in areas like content strategy and content creation, SEO strategy and search engine marketing, social media management, email marketing and more. Over ten years of working with a number of B2B brands in a number of different capacities has granted us a bird’s eye view of what works and doesn’t work for a brand in the B2B space, and we’ve customized and refined our marketing strategies and marketing tactics accordingly.

What you get with Get YOU Found is not just another advertising agency. And, while we certainly are a creative agency, you’re not just dealing with a bunch of creatives throwing things at a wall and hoping they stick, either. When you work with Get YOU Found on your digital marketing strategy, you get a results-focused team of marketing professionals and experts passionate about providing your business, brand, or concept with the marketing solutions you need to make an impact and stand out from your competition. Each strategist on our team has an extensive background and refined marketing skills in specific areas of the marketing stack, allowing us to cover more ground for your company, assess new digital strategy quicker, and meet your business objectives more efficiently. We are the solution to the B2B marketing approach, and we’ve got ten years of success to prove it.


B2B Search Engine Optimization That Works

For some time now, we’ve helped entrepreneurs navigate the many differences between search engine optimization for B2B vs B2C marketing and update their business website for both conversion optimization and ease of access for users in their target demographic. From custom content creation to ongoing monthly SEO marketing services, we customize each digital marketing plan we create to effectively incorporate search engine marketing tactics that we know have the potential to drive the most ROI for your business. By focusing our marketing efforts on SEO tactics that work, we often save our clients a significant amount of money down the road– because aside from the time investment, SEO is completely free. Ranking in organic search and staying at the top of search engine results is not an easy feat, but our experts have cracked the code for companies time and time again, and we’re ready to help you drive more organic traffic, too!

PPC Strategies That Convert

Pay Per Click management services can be a powerful tool for B2B marketing if executed correctly. At Get YOU Found, we develop a thorough understanding of the searching habits of your target audience and use this knowledge to reduce Cost Per Click (CPC) and gain more conversions from your ads. Whether it be an operations manager focused on how your service fits into their current process or the VP of finance concerned with ROI from using your product, as an experienced Google PPC Management Agency, we tailor your campaigns to target all individuals influencing the purchase decision. Plus, with customized landing pages designed to improve ad quality score and gain sales leads, you’ll receive Adwords Management that’s truly focused on your business’s success!

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Social Media & Email for B2B Marketing

Most professionals check their email and social media accounts daily – make sure your product or service is seen on both with our social media management and email marketing services. We know content marketing in and out – including what appeals to a B2B audience in today’s world. Successful email marketing and social media marketing can help drive brand awareness, and employing marketing automation strategies within your email campaigns can make for an incredible return with little effort on your behalf in the long term. Additionally, customer relationship management tools like Hubspot and others can be combined with your email marketing campaigns for personalization and customization that can keep your brand or products in your clients’ minds for months on end. We focus on reaching your professional audience in a way that grabs their attention as they shift through their many daily emails, and by featuring your product or service in email or on popular social media platforms, we ensure that your target audience always has your business on their mind.

B2B Digital Marketing Consulting & Analytics Insights

Confused by Google Analytics? Want to ensure your website is tracking goals and conversions properly? Let us help with website consulting and Google analytics insights for your company. We’ll outfit your business’s website with the tracking codes needed for Google Analytics, Adwords, and Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) and provide you with monthly or quarterly in-depth reporting tailored to your digital marketing needs. From audience demographics to landing page views and the best keywords for new blog posts on your website, we’ll provide you with valuable insights that you can pass on to your internal marketing team. With our insights, you’ll never miss out on website data that can help you increase sales and drive traffic to your brand.


Start Growing Your B2B Business Today

Hiring a B2B Digital Marketing agency to handle your digital marketing and advertising can be a great way to help get your message and content across to the customers that are just waiting to hear about you. At Get YOU Found, we focus on driving results for our clients with strategies that are practical, sustainable, and ROI-positive. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you!

If you’re ready to launch a digital marketing campaign that will put you ahead of your competitors, reach out to us today to start a conversation. We look forward to working with you!


  • "Our salon business has grown rapidly from a single client and an 8x10 room to a huge client database with 4 high volume locations. We love what we do. We work hard. We use Get YOU Found. Get YOU Found Digital Marketing & Research is a business ROCKET LAUNCHER for our media reach and an absolute light-speed funnel for driving traffic to our platforms. Get YOU Found was able to channel our vision to our audience and highlight our brand to those who desire our services and products. Working with Get YOU Found has been an absolute pleasure because of their hands on approach, attention to detail, and deep understanding of what it takes to set a brand up for success in a crowded online world."

  • “Working with Get You Found has made the complicated world of websites, SEO, and internet marketing more navigable and easier to include as part of an overall marketing plan for our business.  They listened to our needs and asked the right questions to understand our business. We continue to get compliments on the websites that Get You Found created for us.  Great team to work with!”
  • "This team of exceptional digital marketing professionals is a real pleasure to work with. Their SEO work is 'killer" and has put us on page one for years. They completely redesigned our website for a much more contemporary look, and they are now hosting it for us so it is monitored and updated. Outstanding strategic thinking, whether it's automated email campaigns, blog content or overall messaging. A real partner in our success!"
  • "Get You Found has proven to be our best strategic partner. They are responsive to client needs, their work is exemplary, and they work with us to get the results we desire and expect. Their team of talented professionals never disappoint."
  • "Get You Found Online Marketing created a new website for both our company and my own personal use this year. We have had a significant increase in traffic and customer leads as a result of this upgrade. Innovative designs, along with built in lead generation systems, have added a boost to our business this year. They also design and monitor our Google Adwords account while promoting our organic search engine ranking. Great all in one company for any business who plans to have a presence on the Internet."
  • "They have been handling our account for little over a month and we've already seen more results than our last SEO company's whole last year with us.  Great company to work with!"
  • "Get You Found has a team of talented people who possess a wealth of SEO knowledge and insight. They were very helpful as we performed an SEO boost on our recently relaunched website."
  • "Get You Found is THE BOMB! Don't trust in the shady characters that run the other web hosting companies! These days, your website is critically important in telling the world about your business, maintaining the website, and pushing it to the top of search engines, which is among the many awesome services offered by Get You Found. I'm delighted by the way Get You Found has handled my business needs and plan to stay with them forever! Thanks, Get You Found!"

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We offer full-service organic search engine optimization strategies that can be customized to your specific needs. Our comprehensive SEO services include data analysis, detailed keyword research, web content optimization, value-based link building, and local SEO.


From blog posts to infographics, current content gives your brand a voice and potential clients a reason to visit your site. We create, distribute, and promote a broad range of content to drive engagement and build meaningful connections with your website visitors.


By continually analyzing the pages on your website where visitors are most likely to buy, click, and ask questions, we can develop a comprehensive strategy that will help drive traffic to your site, enhance your visitor experience, and optimize your sales.


We maximize traffic to your website with our continuous dedication to identifying, capturing, and converting your target audience. We create engaging ad copy tailored to your audience and demographic to generate more leads and increase sales.

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