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Pay-per-click advertising, specifically on Google Adwords, has become an essential part of any business’s digital marketing arsenal.  Where else can you place your brand in front of thousands of people who are actively looking for your product or service? PPC involves placing your ads in an auction to bid for the top position on a Google search page (outside of the organic content).  This creates great exposure for your business and you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

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Transparent PPC Management

Our PPC experts manage the ins and outs of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, including campaign setup, thorough keyword research, creating stellar ad copy, and landing page creation.  We are very transparent in the execution of your campaign and provide monthly reporting so you know how your ad dollars are being spent.


The Advantages of Using PPC

Reaching Business Goals with PPC

We take a strategic approach when optimizing your PPC campaigns and customize our services to tailor each client’s specific brand and needs. PPC is most commonly used to generate traffic to your site, increase ROI, and increase leads or conversions. PPC campaigns are also highly measureable. We specialize in helping businesses (small and large) define their PPC strategy, understand their PPC campaign performance and and refine targeting to capture the best audience.

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PPC advertising is highly profitable when paired with a responsive website and successful SEO implementation (we offer those services too). It can offer a huge return on investment when you have the right team managing your campaign. So if you don’t want to hassle with learning the technicalities of Google Adwords then contact Get YOU Found today and we can get your campaign up and running within days!

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