Google Analytics Real-Time offers live data

Google announced the launching of a number of new tools for Google Analytics over the past few days, including Google Analytics Real-Time, Google Analytics Premium and a new Google Analytics Interface.  Today I will fill you in on the details of Real-Time and how it lets you access your data in (you guessed it) real time in order to enhance your online marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Google Analytics Real-Time

Today businesses are utilizing faster methods of engagement with their customers than even a year ago, and those newer methods of engagement are changing at alarming speeds.  Just look at the recent series of changes announced by Facebook or the rapid evolution and adoption of Google+ since its launch, and you will see what I mean.  These platforms allow customers to communicate with you and your other customers at speeds that were unheard of just a few years ago.  This has lead to some challenges for tracking website engagement in relation to highly active social media (or other high engagement) campaigns.

With rapidly evolving data comes the need to measure and react to the data in an equally rapid way.  To this end, Google has (finally) released a way to view your analytics data in real time.  Enter Google Analytics Real-Time, a new enhancement to your existing Google Analytics account.  This tool will be pushed out to everyone over the next few weeks, but you can get in for an early peek if you turn on your new Google Analytics Interface.
The new Real-Time data lets you see how your website traffic evolves in real time.  Let’s say that you post a new blog entry or push out a series of highly relevant tweets to your fans.  You can now see how the traffic that the post/tweet generated is interacting with your site.  Are they converting?  Are they going to the content pages like you planned?  Now you can have these answers and more and in real time.
You can easily plan your follow up posts based on this type of live data, giving additional options within any social media campaign.  And since this data is live, you can quickly adjust your campaign in mid-stride keeping your posting strategy more nimble.