Marketing on Twitter with GIFs

Get excited!

GIFs (those endlessly looping video clips that you see on Buzzfeed lists all the time) can now be posted on Twitter! The ability to post GIFs on Twitter is a huge advantage to any business that uses Twitter to engage its customers because it allows for greater creativity with an eye catching tool. If a picture says a thousand words, think about how many words a video clip says. Sometimes a GIF can capture more than 140 characters can.
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Retailers Use Vine for Holiday Shopping

This is a guest post by Janice Fuller, a social media writer.

If you stroll through your local big box retailer, you may already see Christmas shopping has already begun. For the rest of the retailing world, however, the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, is the official start of the Christmas retail shopping season. Full-on marketing play ensues from marketers and retailers everywhere to get consumers to hand over their cards for purchases. [Read more…]

There is a Monster at the End of This Twitter Conversation: 3 Things We Can Learn From Sesame Street’s Twitter Marketing

So, I was looking at Twitter last Wednesday and I happened to notice an awesome exchange between Sesame Street and Wil Wheaton.  Sesame Street started a series of tweets about there being a monster at the end of this Twitter conversation.  This is a new take on the popular Sesame Street children’s book The Monster at the End of this Book.  As people retweeted Sesame Street’s tweets, there were more pleas from Grover to not retweet this tweet and pieces of the monster at the end of the Twitter conversation were revealed. [Read more…]

Would You Tweet for a Seat?

A trend has been gaining momentum in theaters, tweet seats.  These are special sections reserved for people using a smartphone to tweet about the performance or show.   In some cases, such as the Providence Performing Arts Center, these seats are free.  There are many varying opinions on tweet seats, ranging from utter contempt to excitement that some theaters are taking advantage of the exposure that social media can provide.

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