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LinkedIn's New Showcase Pages

On April 14th, LinkedIn completely did away with Service and Product tabs on Company Pages in favor of "Showcase Pages." If you are like me, you may disappointed in this change, but keep heart my friend, the new alternative has some major benefits.


Week in Review 2/1 to 2/7/2014

This Week in Review is full of news stories relating to the internet you use every day.  First up we take a look back at 10 years of Facebook, Google changes search results in Europe, then we celebrate the winter Olympics, Google Doodle style, and finally we see what crimes Google Glass is getting involved in today.

Week in Review 1/17 to 1/24/2014

This Week in Review is full of techy buzzwords so bring out your internet bingo cards and get ready to win big.  First, we look at how Facebook is going to change your News Feed experience, then we look at what trouble Google Glass is getting into, and finally an official word on the NSA snooping program.


Week in Review 12/13 to 12/20/13

The giving season is upon us and this Week in Review gives you a whole bag full of information.  Right on top we look at what Vine is going to be giving its users, what new toy Instagram is giving away, and finally we give you a link to a cat video on the internet.

Week in Review 12/6 to 12/13/13

This Week in Review is filled with billions of electrons for your informational needs.  First up Gmail is going to have a lot more visuals in the near future (and what that means to marketers), then we look at a petition to talk about outdated informational privacy laws, and finally we look at auto-play ads on Facebook.

Twitter Integrates Photos and Vines

Twitter came out with an update today that adds a preview of photos and Vines that users link to in stream.  This is a good move for Twitter, since it means people are more likely to stay on their site instead of having to click to other sites every time they want to view a photo.

Mythbusters photo preview with tweet

A Vine about the letter P from @sesamestreet

Week in Review 10/18 to 10/25/13

Apple!  Google!  Facebook!  Instagram!  This week in review has so many internet buzz words you should break out a bingo sheet and hope I start mentioning AdWords.  First we give you some water cooler ammo with news about Facebook and decapitation, then we look to Apple’s newest toy, new ads being released on Instagram, and why people are grumbling about Yahoo Mail.

Week in Review 10/11 to 10/18/13

This Week in Review takes a look at some exciting news from Facebook, even more exciting news from Facebook, and then looks to the sky as Twitter rejoices now that NASA is back in business.

Retailers Use Vine for Holiday Shopping

This is a guest post by Janice Fuller, a social media writer.

If you stroll through your local big box retailer, you may already see Christmas shopping has already begun. For the rest of the retailing world, however, the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, is the official start of the Christmas retail shopping season. Full-on marketing play ensues from marketers and retailers everywhere to get consumers to hand over their cards for purchases.

This year's marketing efforts get a little more entertaining, as retailers go beyond Facebook for business marketing and take to new social sharing tools to increase brand hipness and cachet among the mobile set. One of these new tools is Vine, the short form video platform owned by Twitter. Vine launched on iOS devices in January 2013 and on Android devices in June. In less than a year, Vine counts upwards of 40,000 users intent on making six-second video clips to entertain, annoy, cajole, or impress.

Week in Review 09/27 to 10/4/13

This Week in Review is all about the internet, how it has been and how it will be affecting our lives for better or for worse.  We look at the largest use of the Twitter alert system to date, how your experience on Instagram is going to change thanks to ads, and how you can get free wifi from Facebook.