Mobile Advertising: Is It Worth It?

Should you spring for mobile advertising?  Mobile devices are changing the way we view the internet. Searches are catering to mobile devices by focusing on location. Microsoft built an entire version of Windows for mobile devices in mind and desktop usage as an afterthought (Windows 8 anyone?). There are more and more image based social media sites that are designed to work with mobile devices over desktops. So are mobile ads worth the time, money, and effort? At the moment they don’t quite have the ROI we’d expect, but that’s changing.



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Facebook Plays Favorites: Boosted Post Reach

Facebook Advertising- Boosted PostAre all boosted Facebook posts created equally?  No, not really.  Recently we noticed something a little fishy with boosted posts and the results were rather interesting.

Boosted Facebook posts cost money, but allow more people to see the post.  On average, each time you post from your business Page or personal Profile, your post is seen by 16% of your potential audience, and sometimes it’s even less than that.  Facebook does this to make sure every time you check your News feed you’re not overwhelmed by a post from everyone you’re connected with on Facebook.  This is a crux for businesses and professionals who want everyone to see their business page posts. [Read more...]