What Information on Your Website Increases B2B Sales?


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Convert more customers on your site by giving them the content they want and expect. It works. But don’t take our word for it, this is coming from the 2014 Web Usability Report where 83% of customers said they would leave a site if it didn’t provide the information they were looking for. You can’t cater to everyone’s whims, but you can provide clear information on your business or product by adding useful content about your services, pricing, and purchase process. [Read more…]

Is It Time to Move SEO and PPC Focus to Bing and Yahoo?



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Recent changes in search engine usage has reduced Google’s search engine share. Is it time to shift focus? A couple things have happened recently to take away Google’s search share. First, the recent team-up between Firefox and Yahoo has made a bit of a difference for Yahoo, which many people had written off as a 90’s relic soon to go the way of Netscape. The end result is Yahoo taking a larger share of internet searches due to the search engine being the default search engine for the newest version of Firefox. [Read more…]

Top Internet Marketing Trends, Tricks, and Themes to Look For in 2015

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2015 is here, but do you know what to look for?  Make sure your website stays above water by keeping an eye on the horizon.


What internet marketing trends do we think you should you be looking out for in 2015?

Quality User Experience: Quality user experience has been a powerful driving force behind most Google algorithm changes over the past few years. Websites are being rewarded by search engines (and conversion rates!)  for providing a good user experience. While we’re glad Google rewards great sites, we especially look for good user experience because of the astounding affect on a website’s conversion rate, or the percentage of visitors who take the desired actions (purchases, contact, appointments, etc). [Read more…]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business and Online Presence

The New Year is almost here; do you have your resolutions ready? Resolutions are a great opportunity to change direction and really work on projects that you’ve put off for one reason or another. This year when you’re writing down your New Year’s resolutions, think about your business and its online presence. The internet is always changing and if you want your business and website to keep up with, and even excel past your competition, you should make sure it is performing at its best. Here is a short list of simple and effective New Year’s resolutions for your online presence:


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Recent Changes in Your Site’s Google Rankings

Google Ranking Changes

Graph prepared by AWR Cloud

Have you noticed a change in your organic traffic and/or Google rankings in the last couple months?  The effects of the most recent Google algorithm update (Penguin 3) are becoming more clear now that we’ve given it some time.  A recent study from AWR Cloud (Advanced Web Rankings) shows us exactly what has happened. We’ve included some of our own observations as well.

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Goodbye to the Google Search Carousel


Google Search Carousel


Google has pulled the cord on the controversial carousel, but is giving us a new ride to jump on.

The carousel was a controversial feature added by Google. The Google search carousel sat on top of the page on a dark background, filled with local businesses that related to your search. This caused an uproar in the online marketing community as businesses were placed in a prime spot on the search page without necessarily having to pay for it. Of course good content was needed to get into that spot, but some businesses could get up there with little marketing effort, thus supplanting another business that worked hard to get to the top of the page through ads and SEO. But, now Google is calling it quits. The switch has been pulled, the lights are going off, and the carousel is grinding to a halt. [Read more…]