Mobile Now Outnumbers Desktop: A Shift in B2B Marketing


Mobile Device Usage

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Big news everyone! Huge news. Probably the largest news report since sliced bread: mobile usage outnumbers desktop usage. What does that mean? For one, this hugely affects online B2B marketing.

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Burner – Google Account Verification Made Easy

logo for the burner phone appAs an agency we are constantly creating new Google accounts for clients.  With the limits Google sets on how many accounts can be verified by one phone number, Google account verification can become a real chore.  I know I have verified as many accounts as possible via my work phone, my cell phone, and my Google voice number.  In the past, I have tried online methods for creating new phone numbers without much success.  By far the best solution has been the Burner phone app.

This method isn’t free (well the first number is), but it is very inexpensive.  Three credits ($1.99 or less depending on how many credits you buy at a time) will create a phone number for 14 days with 60 texts.  With Burner, you can name phone numbers, so you know which number is used for what if you have multiple numbers at the same time.

Marketing on Twitter with GIFs

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GIFs (those endlessly looping video clips that you see on Buzzfeed lists all the time) can now be posted on Twitter! The ability to post GIFs on Twitter is a huge advantage to any business that uses Twitter to engage its customers because it allows for greater creativity with an eye catching tool. If a picture says a thousand words, think about how many words a video clip says. Sometimes a GIF can capture more than 140 characters can.
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“Google My Business,” Encouraging Small Business Owners to “Get On Google.”

Recently, Google introduced its “new platform,” Google Places. Wait, I mean Google+ Local. No wait, I mean Google My Business. The latest evolution of Google’s business directory re-organizes many of the separate services they already offered into a single dashboard, plus includes some new reporting and analysis features, and glosses everything with a branding face lift focusing on simple language targeted toward small business owners.

The hope is that those business owners who have found it too difficult, or too much hassle to create a Google + profile, or the older Places listing, will be encouraged by the usability changes made to help them “Get on Google.”

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