Recent Changes in Your Site’s Google Rankings

Google Ranking Changes

Graph prepared by AWR Cloud

Have you noticed a change in your organic traffic and/or Google rankings in the last couple months?  The effects of the most recent Google algorithm update (Penguin 3) are becoming more clear now that we’ve given it some time.  A recent study from AWR Cloud (Advanced Web Rankings) shows us exactly what has happened. We’ve included some of our own observations as well.

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Goodbye to the Google Search Carousel


Google Search Carousel

Google has pulled the cord on the controversial carousel, but is giving us a new ride to jump on.

The carousel was a controversial feature added by Google. The Google search carousel sat on top of the page on a dark background, filled with local businesses that related to your search. This caused an uproar in the online marketing community as businesses were placed in a prime spot on the search page without necessarily having to pay for it. Of course good content was needed to get into that spot, but some businesses could get up there with little marketing effort, thus supplanting another business that worked hard to get to the top of the page through ads and SEO. But, now Google is calling it quits. The switch has been pulled, the lights are going off, and the carousel is grinding to a halt. [Read more…]

B2B Content Marketing Brings in Big Value

Percentage of B2B Content Marketing UsageA new series of studies show that B2B companies have only recently begun gaining more and faster-paced business through the internet. Back in 2013 Google revealed that most B2B buyers didn’t contact suppliers until around 60% of the research had been done on a certain subject, which resulted in slower action and longer sales cycles. All of that has changed over the past few years as B2Bs have focused their marketing on content and blogs. As you can see in the pie chart from a recent survey, most B2Bs use content marketing now.

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Mobile Advertising: Is It Worth It?

Should you spring for mobile advertising?  Mobile devices are changing the way we view the internet. Searches are catering to mobile devices by focusing on location. Microsoft built an entire version of Windows for mobile devices in mind and desktop usage as an afterthought (Windows 8 anyone?). There are more and more image based social media sites that are designed to work with mobile devices over desktops. So are mobile ads worth the time, money, and effort? At the moment they don’t quite have the ROI we’d expect, but that’s changing.



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