Facebook Plays Favorites: Boosted Post Reach

Facebook Advertising- Boosted PostAre all boosted Facebook posts created equally?  No, not really.  Recently we noticed something a little fishy with boosted posts and the results were rather interesting.

Boosted Facebook posts cost money, but allow more people to see the post.  On average, each time you post from your business Page or personal Profile, your post is seen by 16% of your potential audience, and sometimes it’s even less than that.  Facebook does this to make sure every time you check your News feed you’re not overwhelmed by a post from everyone you’re connected with on Facebook.  This is a crux for businesses and professionals who want everyone to see their business page posts. [Read more...]

Site Security is Now a Ranking Factor

Digital theft!  Electronic rogues!  Information highway bandits!  Over a billion passwords have recently been stolen and this isn’t even the first time a large amount of thefts have been uncovered.  The internet isn’t a terribly secure place, but Google wants to change that, one website at a time. It turns out that site security is now an official ranking factor.

Website Security


[Read more...]

Google Analytics Made Simple with Mobile App

The Google Analytics mobile app makes a complicated platform much easier to use and incredibly useful, especially for business owners and managers.  Last week we reported on the release of the Google Analytics iPhone app, and this week I’m here to tell you why this might save your life if you are a business owner or manager. [Read more...]

Google Plus Opens Name Options

Google Plus Main PageGoogle is giving you another reason to dust off your Google+ password. Google recently announced that they are letting users choose their name. When Google+ first started, you could only use your real name, which meant your real name would be attached to everything you did with Google+, from uploads to comments. This raised a lot of questions from the start and made a few people shy away from the popular social media network. The use of real names was bent a few times, but for the most part Google wanted you to use your real name at all times. [Read more...]