Blog entry September 2011

Google Analytics Real-Time offers live data

Google announced the launching of a number of new tools for Google Analytics over the past few days, including Google Analytics Real-Time, Google Analytics Premium and a new Google Analytics Interface.  Today I will fill you in on the details of Real-Time and how it lets you access your data in (you guessed it) real time in order to enhance your online marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Google Analytics Real-Time

Switching a Personal Profile to a Page Using Facebook’s New Conversion Ability


Many business owners have made the innocent mistake of accidentally setting up their business page as a personal account.  They may have been pioneers who saw the need to set up a page when there was no such option for businesses, or they may have given the task of setting up the page to an uninformed employee.  For a quick review, a personal profile has the ability to approve and disapprove friends, email directly, chat, and add a variety of personal use applications to the profile.  A business page gains fans without approval from the business page and has the ability to add different applications that are geared towards business objectives instead of Farmville and other games.  Business pages also have the significant bonus of being able to advertise on Facebook, a vital & necessary option if you want to gain fans.